Sunday, September 30, 2007

Taxi Taxi

Most Taxi Drivers don't like Me (Dogs)

For the past 10 weeks, I have been traveling from Choa Chu Kang to Bukit Panjang for obedience training class. As Rane and Mage do not own a car, we often have to hail for a cab. Most often than not, taxi drivers refused to fetch us because of me.

Common excuses (taxi drivers told Rane and Mage) include:

"Your dog is so Big!"
Hey mind you, I am only a medium size dog and you called me Big!

"Your dog will scratch my seats!" &/or
"Why didn't you wear socks for your dog?"

"Your dog will run around the taxi!"
"Your dog will distract me when I am driving!"
I was never allowed on the taxi's seat. I am always hugged tightly while seated on either Rane's or Mage's lap. Sighs. I have never known how it feels to sit on the seat of a car.

"Your dog will stink my taxi!"
Though I am not the best-smelling dog, I dare admit that I smell pretty decent; decent enough to not stink up the entire taxi.

"I am allergic to dogs!"
I understand that some people are genuinely allergic to dogs, but I guess most people just use it as a convenient excuse.

"Why didn't you put your dog in a bag or a carrier? " &/or
"Especially when your dog is so big!"

Doesn't it answer your question? Precisely, it's because I am 'big', there's no bag that can contain me! All the stitches will probably give way when the big is lifted up from ground. Even if Rane were to get a container that fits me well, I guess there will be great difficulties trying to fit the container into the taxi.

And the list goes on.

There was once a taxi driver drove off immediately upon seeing me and there was another time a taxi driver brushed us off with a bad attitude. On average, we have to hail for 8 taxis before they are willing to fetch me.

Most of the drivers that we approach are Chinese, and the rest are Indians. To avoid any misunderstandings, Rane and Mage never approaches Malays, as most of them are muslims. Most often than not, the Chinese taxi drivers are the one who display great unhappiness upon hearing that they have to fetch a dog.

Just last week, when Rane was approaching a queue of taxis, a malay driver winds down the window panel asking where she had wanted to go. When Rane explained that "It's okay. I am travelling with a dog." The malay driver actually declined politely with a smile. This was a behaviour that few drivers displayed; to decline Rane/Mage politely. (Please do not be mistaken. I am not being racist. I am just sharing what I have experienced.)

Most Taxi Drivers don't like Animals

If you think that only dogs (like me) have problems trying to get on a cab, then you are wrong. Rane was rejected countless times by taxi drivers when she wanted to bring the cats and the rabbits (which are always contained in locked carriers) to the vet.

There was once, a taxi driver agreed to fetch Mage, Rane and Dopey (a lop ear rabbit) from Sunset Way to Choa Chu Kang. However, midway during the journey, the taxi driver got unhappy with the fact that Mage and Rage had a furry animal with them, and started being grumpy. By the time they alighted, the taxi driver was having really bad attitude. That left Rane really sore at the end of the day.

The Few Taxi Drivers who love Animals

Despite the many bad experiences, I do have some good ones to share too. I remember this Chinese taxi driver who was very happy to see me. Mage, Rane and the taxi driver started discussing about dogs, with the uncle explaining that he has always wanted to get a dog, but he has no time for it. Now that his timing is more flexible as a taxi driver, he is considering getting one. Mage and Rane started telling him the various welfare organisations where he can adopt a dog from, and that not all dogs can be licensed under the address of a HDB flat. I will always remember him turning around to look at me when the taxi stops in front of a red light.

There was another time when an Indian taxi driver drove us home. He started saying how he used to train dogs as a police officer, and his experiences with them.

Another Phillipino taxi driver was more than happy when he was told that he needed to pick me up along the way, when Mage brought Piyo (another lop ear rabbit) from Marine Parade to the vet in Choa Chu Kang. The uncle started sharing about his life and love with dogs when he was back in Phillipines.

Pet Taxi

If you are wondering why didn't we book for a pet taxi instead of a normal taxi meant for human, the reason is pretty simple. Cost.

Rane has enquired several companies which offer pet transportation. The cheapest she found was $30 per trip, and $50 for round trip, regardless of the location. Some companies even charge more upon knowing that 2 human beings will be tagging along.

Hiring the service of a normal taxi cost an average of $8 when we head for lessons, and $6 when we head back home. (Price difference is due to additional charges incurred during peak hours.) For a round trip, it would have cost us approximately $15.

Should we hire the service of the pet transportation companies, it would have cost us at least $500 on transportation alone. That is $350 more than what it would have cost us to take a taxi.


Though not all taxi drivers are willing to have dogs as their passengers, I will like to believe that they are the minorities. After all, everyone has a right to what/who they like or dislike.

Meanwhile, I just hope that I will meet taxi drivers who love me and my fellow paw friends, and that I have my own transportation too. Only then can I command Rane and Mage to drive me wherever I want to go.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cutesy Little Baby

Everytime Rane has to train me for the up-coming test, she always grumbles to Mage (my original owner whom i still love alot) "Why did we ever get a Beagle! Beagles are stubborn and difficult to train."

(Rane: Sugar is pretty much a stubborn dog and that makes training her really tough on us; it requires more than just patience and tolerance. She will determine whether we are hitting the roof by listening to our tone of voice and watching us for our facial expressions and body languages. She only behaves and listens to instruction just as we are about to reach our limits. Therefore, we (Mage and I) are usually very stern with her during training sessions.)

Then, the next day I read Rane's sms to Mage. In the sms, the following was mentioned.

"Oh, I remembered why we got Sugar. She was such a cute, lovely and cuddly dog back then. She was eager to please and was so irresistible."

I shall post my baby pictures and you guys be the judge after juxtaposing my baby photos and my current photos.

These are pictures of me at 3 and a half months old.

And these are pictures of me at around 10 months old.

Yeah yeah. I ain't that bad now right.
My looks may have matured, but i still must be as lovely and attractive.

Otherwise, it does not justify why i still get so much love, hugs and kisses everyday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

treat me!

I topped my training class yesterday,
Rane decided to be nice
(for once)
to give me a treat.*sniggers*
it is like a buffet.I could choose watever i want!

the buffet box. it is rather small,but filled with my favourite treats!Can i start choosing now?i thought i have a ticket...
Sniffing and snuffing...
Ta da!
i got my treat at LasT!

Events for Pets & Owners: September & October '07

Rane frequently surfs for the various events held for pets & owners,
even though we rarely turned up for such events.
* Can someone
Knock talk some sense into her*

I shall share with you the events held
in the month of September and October.

(Note: The events are posted in random order.)

SKC 23rd Open Show
14 October 2007 (Sunday)
Ang Mo Kio Community Club
(click on SKC's logo to view more information)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Beggin Strips should consider me for being a spokes-pooch the
next time they want to launch a new marketing campaign.

I believe the sales will increase faster with my pix on the front
instead of that cartoon dog.

How about Sugar Shrek in Shrek 4?

白蛇传 sounds not bad too.
I will be glad to be the priest who subdued the green snake.

The new IR (Integrated Resort) should consider hiring me to work
at the Universal Studio as a clown.

Then I don't have to depend on Rane to buy me treats.
* Sniggers*

The Dog Club should considering taking photos of me
when they start an adult collection of dogs.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I am Hush Puppy Not

Hi All,

I'm Sugar the Beagle. There were several occasions when my mistress, Rane (her pseudo name) brings me out, people will go around saying "oooh ... look at that Hush Puppy!".

Last week, Rane and I walked pass this young couple, with the boyfriend
proudly (and loudly) announcing to her girlfriend "Look at how cute that 'Hush Puppy' is! I had wanted to buy the 'Hush Puppy' dog when i saw it at the pet shop the last time!"

I felt so offended. Especially when he couldn't stop pointing at me. My mistress started to wonder. If the guy had really purchased the "Hush Puppy", would he abandon that 'Hush Puppy' upon realising that it was a beagle!

Anyway, for those who don't know, allow me to do a brief introduction. Hush puppies are not beagles, they are basset hounds. Though both the beagle and basset hound are scent hounds (scent hounds refer to canines who hunt primarily with their acute sense of smell), and are usually tri coloured, we are two different kind of breeds.

Beagles have ears that looks more triangular that are while basset hounds have ears that are much longer, like a vertical rectangle. If you were to look at a beagle, then a basset hound, it will seem as though a basset hound has a much longer body with slightly shorter legs, in comparison to a beagle.

Beagles are commonly represented by the cartoon character, Snoopy.

A picture speaks a thousand words. Just view my photo, and then juxtapose it with your Hush Puppy's shoebox. You will then be able to see the vast difference between the two.