Thursday, November 1, 2007

No Post

Let me apologise for the Great Disappearing Act.

All the technological products in my house is breaking down. From Rane's I-keep-on-restarting desktop, to her I-can't-boot-up problems laptop, to the i-can't-see-anything camera!

We are in the midst of rectifying the problems.

Desktop: For some unknown reasons, Rane's desktop keeps restarting by itself. It became so bad that it restarted almost instantly after booted up. After some trouble shooting, we concluded that the graphics card is most probably the culprit and it was sent back to the manufacturing company for the 2nd time. Now the graphics card is currently being held in Taiwan for a 'health screening' before being treated. Hopefully, all problems will be solved after the graphics card is returned to us, otherwise it could be the Mama-Bored that is giving the problem. Sighs.

Laptop: Even the most reliable machine at home is giving is problem! The laptop just hangs at a blue screen with lots of words. Before we could even read what it says, the system will restart itself. Sighs. Guess it should be a hardware problem, since reformatting did not work. Time to get a new laptop! Rane, please work harder! I'll promise to help you save by eating lesser!!!

Camera: My pictures were already lousy, all thanks to the lousy photographic skills of Rane and Piglet. To make it worse, now the screen of the camera can't display any pictures at all! Now Rane and Piglet uses their 'ah-ga-rationess' to take pictures of me. That explains why i seldom look good in pictures. Sighs.

Rane intends to get a new camera. She needs one that is small, light and user-friendly (she's too dumb to learn how to use complicated cameras.) Most importantly, she needs one that can take good pictures regardless of how bad the condition is and regardless of how dumb the user is.

Any good recommendations?