Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Year 2008

As a new year approaches, it's time to look at what we have been through in the past year.

Highlights of 2008

  • Posh joined our big furmily.
  • Xiao Xin (pronounced as see-ao sin), the roboskii joined our big furmily.
  • Goldlion the cat who was picked up and treated by Rane, is now adopted by Mage. Though we do not live together, I'll still take it that he's joined our big furmily too.
  • I joined the SKC Obedience Trial for the 1st time.

Best of 2008

  • It's the first time I've received Christmas cards from fellow fur-bloggers all over the world!
  • I've met the most number of fur-bloggers!
  • I never knew so many people/furries read my blog (I almost wanted to give up blogging for a period of time!)
  • Posh & I went swimming for the first time at the beach.
  • Posh & I went visiting the most number of parks ever.
  • Posh & I dined out at dog cafes the most number of time ever.
  • Mage bought us a machine to produce treats w/o preservatives, colourings & artificial flavouring. We love these home made treats better than any commercially produced ones!

Saddest of 2008

This year, we mourned the most number of deaths in the furmily ever. I hope this will never happen again in the following years.

Things I wished never happened in 2008

  • I injured my hind leg and was limping for a period of time.
  • Posh suffered immense pain when a metal bar thats 0.5cm in diameter pierced through the web of her front paw.
  • Posh the problematic beagle bit her front paw excessively till an infection occured.
  • I was officially declared by the veterinarian that I was 5kg overweight! Since then, my food and treats intake were reduced. However I lost only 2.5kg, which means I've got another 2.5kg more to go. It didn't help when people start commenting on how fat I was. Goodbye yummy goodies. =(
  • Someone forced Rane to give up both Posh & I, but Rane (with the support of her immediate family) insisted on keeping us. We're kind of safe at the moment. Keep your paws crossed for us.

Year 2009

It's the time of the year for New Year Resolutions and things to look forward to.

Things I Aim/Wish for

  • Lose my remaining 2.5kg of excess fats/weight.
  • Score well for my next Obedience Trial.
  • Have Posh to stay with us.
  • Get along well with Posh. (We have a love-hate relationship =D)
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the rest of the furries.
  • Eat out more often at Dog Cafes.
  • Celebrate my 3rd birthday with a pawty.
  • Be showered with more Tender Loving Care.
  • Be fed more treats.
  • Be fed more chicken and duck in my meals (I LOVE poultry).
  • Get Rane to bake me home made cookies (I'm very fussy you see.)
  • Roll in the sand more often @ the beach(my favourite).
  • More swims in the sea.
  • More walks! No amount is ever too much!
  • Have a roof over our furry heads.
  • To have Rane with us all the time (she almost wanted to leave us with her family members when she got a vacancy in an Australian university this year. Thank goodness we melted her heart and changed her mind for now.)

With that, I'll like to wish all furries and human a joyous and fruitful year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dear Furries and Humans,

We'll like to wish all furries and humans a


& a


Sugar & Posh

P.S. This Christmas, we'll like to highlight the importance of sharing our joy and happiness. Currently, many charity organisations (for both humans and animals) are having a tough time as donations and help are limited due to the economy recession. Do extend your help this festive season. Any help (regardless of donating or volunteering) is greatly appreciated by the recipients.

Lastly, have a warm and blessed Christmas, my friends ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rub a Tub Tub

Rub a Tub Tub, Posh Posh in a Tub

One day, Posh decided to get in the blue tub that Rane's mum uses to hold washed linens before hanging them up.

She made herself comfortable in it.

And soon ... She FELL ASLEEP in IT!!!

Sometimes I really wonder if I have a beagle as my sister, or a cat as my sister.

Rub a Tub Tub, Sugar in a Tub

Though I was clearly disgusted by the cat behaviour displayed by that beagle, I decided to find myself a tub too!

I mean, if Posh can have a tub of her own, shouldn't I have one too?

I decided to choose this tub made of China. You know, those porcelain kind that the Chinese Imperial Family used to use? It's classy, it's spacious and it definately cost more than that blue plastic tub that Posh has declared hers.

I deserve better because I'm the Princess at home.

I Rule!


On a sidenote, someone wanted me to post a picture of Piyo (my other bunny sibling) with a vacuum cleaner. I still have yet to understand why they love the vacuum cleaner so much.

Spokes-fur deal anyone?

Sweet Licks,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fur & Vacuum

Somehow, there's this thing between the furries and the vacuum cleaner in my house.

First it's Crunchie the Bunny.

Then, it's Posh the (Kitty) Beagle.

My humans did not make the furries pose with the vacuum cleaner. The furries just seek comfort in lying in between/by it.

Anyone knows of any vacuum cleaner company who's keen to hire them as Spokesman ... No, I mean Spokes-Fur? We'll gladly oblige for some dog food/treats, or better still, human food!

Sweet Licks,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dining Out

Oh my, I can't believe that I haven't been updating the blog in the whole of November! Okay, I shall make up for it by updating more frequently this month. I'll go blog visiting too, give us a little time ya!

Two Saturdays ago, Posh and I were happy and excited when Rane dressed herself up before leaving home; we had thought that she was gonna bring us out. But boy, we were so wrong. Rane was going for music lessons and we couldn't tag along. Posh was SO disappointed, she couldn't stop whining pitifully as we sent Rane to the door.
Rane & Mage ordered Beef with Brown Rice and Chicken Macroni with Herbs for us. In the end, they mixed both the dishes together, just so that we can have a taste of both.

Feeling guilty & a little sad to leave us behind, Rane and Mage decided to come back for us in the evening, just to bring us out for dinner. You can't imagine how touched I was. I bet it must have been Posh's whining. I have decided to learn how to whine as miserably like her!

Rane made us pose for a picture before giving us permission to eat. Look at how greedy Posh is! She couldn't stop licking and drooling!

Us, savouring every single bit of the food!

As food were served in plastic containers, the containers couldn't stop moving each time we licked from them.

In the end, we went in rounds just to have our dinner.

Even under the chair!

Poor Posh had a hard time 'picking' the cherry tomatoes that were stuck firmly to the bottom of the container.

The careless me had dropped so much food on the ground, I had to lick them up bit by bit.

I didn't even realised that I've dropped an elbow macroni. In the end, Posh benefited from my loss!

Look at all the spots on the floor, they are left behind by our drool~

Posh the greedy pooch, ate up all the food that I deemed un-delicious. I've decided to term her 'My Personal Trash Bin'.

A nice sunset, though this picture doesn't justify it.
All thanks to Rane's lousy camera.

After our dinner, it started drizzling. That was when all the snails came crawling out from the ground. On the way to the toilet, Rane has to walk pass several grass patches and pavements. During which, my clumsy human crushed and killed several snails without noticing them previously! It scared the wits out of her!
Seeing how scared she was, I couldn't help but giggled. Hehs.

This is a video that shows us eating in circles, round and round each other.

Important Notice

Rane is helping us (Posh & I) with the Christmas cards for DWB (Dogs with Blog) exchange. We've gotten our first batch of xmas cards printed and greetings written. All that's left is to mail them out. Our printer has run out of ink and we're waiting to purchase a new cartridge before printing the second batch of xmas cards. We've decided to work on the snail mail first, as it takes a longer time to reach our recipients, thus e-cards will be sent out at a later date. Kindly give us a little time to sort them out.

We'll also like to inform you that we will also gladly receive e-cards, though we didn't indicate so previously. Sorry for the inconveniences caused, if any.

For friends (humans and fur/feathers/scales alike) who have missed out the deadline and will still like to receive a christmas cards from us, please email us your residential address (for snail mail) or email address (for e-cards). We are more than happy to send you a card this Christmas, irregardless of whether you are a member of DWB. We promise not to use your address for any other purposes.

Sugar the Beagle

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dogs Used as Live Bait

Rane and I were surfing through a pet forum when we came across a thread titled 'Petition to Stop Using Dogs as Live Baits".

I've heard of how rabbits are being used as baits in dog racing competitions, but Dogs as Live Baits? That's the first time I've heard of it. I clicked on it and this was what I saw.

The Above Picture is taken from The Sun

Please help to sign the petition if you will like to save these poor dogs from being live baits.

Please click on this link to read more about the Dogs Used as Shark Baits.

Abstract of the article "Stray dogs are being skewered on hooks and dragged behind boats as live shark baits ............"

Rane's Words

Though the start of the petition is a good move, it will do little to eradicate the problem of sharks being endangered, and dogs being cruelly used as live baits. I personally feel the root of the problem is people's love for eating sharks. When there's no demand for sharks fin, meat and/or cartilage, no one will bother to hunt for sharks as to supply for the growing market.

Although the solution sounds like a simple approach, it'll take a long time for people to stop consuming sharks, especially when Shark Fins Soup is termed to be a Delicacy by Asians.

I'm a Chinese who is born and brought up in Singapore. Since young, I have been to wedding dinners and other functions that serve 6 to 10 course dinner comprising of various chinese dishes. During dinner, most guests will look out particularly for the shark fins soup. It seems to be the highlight of every dinner. If the shark fins were added to the soup in small portions, people will start criticising on how stingy the chef was.

It seems to me that people are more concerned about how good a deal they are getting. Since shark fins soup is usually one of the more expensive dishes in the whole course of meal, people take it that by having more shark fins in the soup, you are getting a better deal. At times, it makes me wonder if these people truly enjoyed having shark fins soup or were they more concerned about the monetary value of the shark fins itself.

I have to admit that shark fins soup taste delicious, But in my personal opinion, it isn't the taste of the shark fin itself that taste awesome. It's a combination of the chef's culinary skills on top of other ingredients, such as chicken and pork bones, dried scallops and that is used to prepare the broth. To be honest, even if the chef were to substitute the shark fins with rice vermicelli, I would have found the soup equally delicious.

At times, I even detest the taste of the shark fins itself because it wasn't prepared properly and the shark fins ended tasting fishy; with a slight foul smell (like those of an unfresh fish). Ironically, I have read that shark fins itself is tasteless.

To be frank, I didn't know the extent of cruelty when people hunt for sharks and what the impact of declining sharks has on our environment. Worst of all, I didn't know that sharks are getting endangered until I started watching a documentary film on television.

I was utterly disgusted when I saw how these fishermen cruelly chopped off the fins of the sharks while they are still alive, before throwing their bodies back into the sea. When being thrown into the sea, these sharks are still alive and struggling to live. I felt really sick upon seeing how bloody the ship was stained and how that part of the ocean started turning red as those people started 'dumping' countless of shark bodies back into the water.

Since then, I've told myself to avoid eating shark fins soup so long as it's within my capable means. Needless to say, shark fins soup is going to be off my list of dinner menu when my big day comes.

Some Interesting Facts

Why the Huge Popularity of Shark Fins Soup?
Apparently, shark fin as an ingredient dates back to the second century BC in southern China. Traditionally, it was the wealthier classes that could afford shark fin and it became associated with privilege and social rank, a symbol of extravagance and wealth. However, as the buying power of people in Asia has increased exponentially, the demand for shark fins has likewise grown.

Wasteful Nature of the Finning Industry
Once the shark is landed, the fins are hacked off (often while the shark is still alive) and the rest of the animal discarded overboard. This means that 95%-99% of the shark is wasted. As a result of increased levels of industrial shark finning, poor coastal communities in the developing world that rely on shark meat for their protein are reporting serious declines in shark catches.

Sharks without Fins Can't Survive
Usually, the shark is caught, and while it is still alive, its fins are chopped off by fishermen. The poor shark is then thrown back into the sea. Without its fins, it cannot survive. It either bleeds to death or drowns, as sharks cannot swim without their fins and need to swim forwards to get oxygen.

A study in the northwest Atlantic ocean revealed that shark populations have declined by more than 50% in the last 15 years. Some species, particularly hammerhead sharks, have declined by an alarming 89%. Scientists believe this is reflective of a worldwide trend.

The above information is extracted from the following websites:
Shark Savers
Wild Singapore

Sharks in Hot Water (

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

3rd October 2008, Friday

Rane noticed that my bunny sister, Tehxi (pronounced as Tei-See, which means milk tea) hasn't been eating for a day. This was very unlike her, as eating was her favourite past time. She can never resist the temptation of food and that probably explained her size.

Feeling worried, Rane sent her to our family doctor (veterinarian) even though Rane herself was sick that day.

The doctor felt around Tehxi's stomach and did not detect any lumps., which may be signs of accumulated furball. Unlike dogs and cats, bunnies/rabbits aren't able to vomit, thus furball tends to accumulate in their digestive system. If it isn't passed out, it may lead to an extremely dangerous condition known as GI stasis.

Rane has accepted the veterinarian's suggestion of force feeding Tehxi with semi solid food, in hope that it will

The veterinarian did not encourage x-ray as there is a low chance of deteching any signs of obstructions in Tehxi's digestive system, since furball will probably not show up on the x-ray. Moreover, Tehxi has to undergo anaesethesia in order to have an x-ray taken. This will further aggravate her condition.

As surgery was invasive, the veterinarian will only proceed with it when Tehxi's condition further worsens, when she still hasn't eaten by her own initiative from the 3rd or 4th day onwards.

Tehxi returned home and Rane nursed her the entire day. Tehxi even had the privileged of sleeping on my mattress. Afraid that the mattress will be permenantly given to Tehxi, I squeezed myself into the teeny tiny available space.

Me staring hard at Tehxi.

I tried to pretend that I was falling asleep, just so that Rane will not chase me away for 'disturbing' Tehxi's rest.

I was clearly looking unhappy, and Tehxi turned around to comfort me by saying that she just needed to rest for a little while as she wasn't feeling well.

I felt a little embarass by my previous act, thus I decided to give up my mattress for Tehxi, who needed it more than more.

However, little did I expect that the very first time Tehxi and I shared a mattress, would be the very last time too.

Tehxi didn't make it through the night. She passed away in the wee hours of 4th October 2008 at 1.36am. Even though Rane and her sisters were full of tears, I believe Mage was the saddest of them all. Tehxi actually passed away on Mage's birthday.

Even though everyone in the family was really upset over the Tehxi's death, she was thankful that Tehxi died a natural death; (we were glad that) we did not come to a point whereby we have to decide between allowing Tehxi to suffer immense pain or to euthanise her.

May we meet again Tehxi, wherever death will bring us to.

Tehxi died peacefully in Mage's arms.
He carried her for 2 whole hours, while waiting for the person from the crematorium to pick Tehxi up.

A video (dated August 2008) of Tehxi eating her favourite vegetables.

Rane's Words

Initially, I prayed and hoped that Tehxi will survive through this episode with some miracles. As time passes by and her condition got more serious, I only prayed that she will hang on long enough to see Mage for the very last time.

Even though Tehxi spent most of her time with me, she has this special bond with Mage as she was Mage's chosen bunny. When Mage first gotten Tehxi, he had some commitments and wasn't able to care for her. I agreed to put her up at my place for 3 months. What was supposed to be a short term stay resulted in a long term stay as I've grown attached to Tehxi; too attached to let her leave.

In the end, she stayed in my house for good. Despite that, Tehxi always got that extra bit of attention from Mage each time he visited and Tehxi really enjoyed that, right up till that very day she was about to leave.

Mage took 20 odd minutes to travel to my place from the very moment I rang him up. During which, we carried Tehxi out from her cage and let her rest on the floor. Within minutes, she flipped to her side. That was a very bad sign. Based on past experiences, rabbits only lay on their side when in deep sleep, or awaiting death.

I quickly held her up and carried her in my arms. By then, Tehxi's breathings were no longer heavy. Instead, she took slow and light breaths. There were many times I had to stare at her hard to see that her nose twitched slightly with every breath she took. I kept encouraging her to hold on for a little longer as Mage is on his way to see her. I assured our love for her, each time family and I patted her head.

As I continued to whisper sweet nothings into her ears, I could sense that she was losing warmth, even though she was still alive. I knew that it was time for her to leave, but she just hung on. Even as I continued to rub her ears, they felt really cold as I kissed them.

In between all these, Tehxi kicked hard a few times, as if she was struggling to keep herself alive for the very while more. Each time she kicked, she lost control of her bladder and she seemed to feel apologetic about it. There were many times I was tempted to ask her to leave peacefully and not worry about us but I decided against it, as I felt that she really wanted to take a good look at Mage for the very last time. I couldn't stop telling her how much brave a girl she was for putting up such a fierce fight. The emotional roller coast I went through at that time wasy beyond words.

After what seemed like eternal, I heard the doorbell rang. Mage has finally arrived. I handed Tehxi over to Mage. After a very short while, Tehxi seems to lose any signs of life. She has passed away peacefully in the arms of Mage, just as she was waiting for.

A picture of Tehxi when we first gotten her. She was so small, she could barely fit into the butter container.

See how much she has grown over the years? From a puny underweight baby, to a chubby overweight bunny.

Side Note

As Tehxi started struggling after she flipped to her side, Sugar was staring at the window with fear in her eyes. She started backing backwards with her eyes still fixed on the window, or rather the space outside the window. My father wondered what happened and urged Sugar to walk towards the window, but she stubbornly refused to, even as my father dragged her there. The moment my father let go of her, she ran off immediately and hid under the chair, still looking scared.

It was only a long while after Tehxi passed away (approximately 15 minutes to half an hour), did Sugar started behaving normally.

We (my family and I) believe that Sugar could see what we couldn't; that someone or something was here to bring Tehxi away from us.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About Birds, About Life

The Mynah

The Story

Rane came home one day and told me she has taken pictures of a beautiful bird. As she uploaded the pictures to the computer, I was surprised to see that the beautiful bird was none other than a Mynah.

Why would a Mynah that is commonly seen off the street be her favourite bird? I pressed further and this was what she said "the most beautiful (and admirable) thing about the bird is it's sheer determination to live against the odds".

I took a closer look at the pictures and realised that the Mynah is injured in it's right wing.

The first time Rane saw the mynah, she was worried about the mynah's condition and was contemplating whether to bring it to the vet. At that point in time, the bird was standing in the middle of the road. Within seconds, a car was approaching it in the opposition direction and Rane feared for the mynah's life, as the two were less than a meter apart (approximately 3.28 feet) .

She fastened her footsteps in hope of saving the mynah, since it had mobility problems. Before she could do so, the mynah hopped away at a fast speed! So fast, that Rane couldn't catch up with it!

That happened less than a week after Winter passed away.

In the end, Rane decided against it as she felt that birds do not survive well in our house. For some unknown reasons, no birds have survived for more than 3 months while living in our house. Even when a few were domesticated birds who are in good health conditions.

Since then, she had been wondering if the decision she had made that day was a wise one. Each time she walks on the road where she last saw the mynah, she will keep a look out for it and when she failed to do so, she will be overwhelmed with a sense of guilt.

A few months later, as Rane was walking on the same road, she spotted the mynah again!!!

This time, the mynah was around it's friend and it seemed to be a happy bird with their company. As Rane happened to bring her camera out that day, she hurriedly snapped pictures of it~

The following are pictures of the mynah.

The Mynah standing at the pavement. Note it's right wing.

A right view of The Mynah.

Close up of the injured and swollen wing.

Rane suspects The Mynah fractured it's wings when the bone regrew, it did so at an awkward angle.

Lesson Learnt

The bird worked hard at making full use of it's legs to compensate for it's loss of wings. It didn't give up by living in despair. The mynah would have died if it did so.

Rane added that the best thing about us, animals is that we rarely mull over our losses. Instead we learn to overcome them. That is how it works in the animal kingdom; everyone strives hard to live. This is survival.

If we have to endorse a product, it must be Nike. As their tagline goes "Never say Die".

Rane's Words

Dear Mynah,

It's been almost two months since I've last seen you. I wonder how have you been.

If you are still alive, please take good care of yourself.

As long as you are still living well, I hope not to see you again because on both occasions when I spotted you, you were in a public area with much human movement and roaming stray cats. That will put you at a great disadvantage.

If you are in physical pain and ever need treatment, I do hope that you'll be able to find me and/or vice versa, so that I can send you to the doctor.

I hope you'll understand why I didn't bring you for medical treatment the very day I found you.

The main reason being, I didn't want to hold you in captivity since you have been a stray/wild from the day you were born. The immense stress of being caged up and away from your flock will do you little good, as it did to Winter. I believe that could be a contributing factor as to why Winter didn't survive for long.

In the end, Winter died a miserable bird. I could sense, see and feel his misery.

So please, keep yourself safe and sound. If you really must die, please die a happy bird.

I'll always remember you as the brave and courageous bird.

Missing you,


Cute Little Noisy Peacock

On a happier note, I've uploaded a video of a stray baby peacock clucking away at Sentosa.

Rane was so obsessed with it's cuteness that she 'stalked' the peacock wherever it went!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Posh & Poo

Both Posh and I are trained to pee and poo in the playpen, just so that we can have the freedom of doing our businesses at our own leisure, instead of designated time of the day.

At the same time, the playpen also doubles up as our punishment grounds. When we do something wrong (or rather something that displeases the humans), we will be confined to the playpen and ignored all the time. I call it the Ice Palace.

While 'serving our time' we were given benefits like access to water. Posh decided to take 'revenge' one day by pooing into the water bowl. No, you did not hear me wrong. She POOED in her water bowl! How disgusting can she be!!!

Warning!!! Please do not scroll down if you've got a a low threshold for disgusting images.

Posh really thinks that she's a human and that her water bowl is the toilet bowl.

That very silly girl did not realise that her water bowl does not have a flushing system!

Friday, August 8, 2008

National Dog Walk

It's been a while since I last blogged about my life. Sorry friends if I've not visited your blog for some time. You're not forgotten. Give us a little time and we'll drop by your blog.

For the past week, Rane was kept busy caring for the strays and herself (she was still recovering from her flu) that she didn't have much time to help me with the blog.Now that she has a little time to spare, I've gotten her to transfer some pictures of us at the Charity Dog Walk that Rane has signed up for both Posh and I.

We went for the dog event last Sunday but we missed the walk itself as Rane ended her class late. However, we still went for the carnival and had fun in the dog run.

There were so many humans and dogs joining the event, that the car park was filled to the max and I really meant it because every single space was taken up; whether or not it was legal.

We only took pictures in the dog run itself because it was so crowded at the booths that both Rane and Mage had to prevent Posh and I from poking our noses into other people's/dog's butts.

Rane made us run after her because she thinks we need the excercise to keep fit; she's been complaining that I was a tad too fat. Moreover, she thinks it'll be good physiotherapy for my knee since my last injury.

It was here that she realised that Posh seems to run a little 'funnily'.

Rane's Words

When Posh walks, it seems as though she's trotting. She looks exactly like how dogs are depicted in cartoon, walking lightly behind their owners. Initially I brushed it off thinking it's just her 'style' of walking.

However, when I brought her to this very big field to run (as in really run), I noticed that she tilts on one side. If I rememebered correctly, she tend to put on more weight on her right side. I also noticed that she had very poor stamina and pant very badly in the midst of running. Even though Sugar is overweight and is much fatter in comparison to Posh, Sugar still managed to run much faster for a longer period of time.

I wonder if it could be due to poor muscle development, since she was kept in a cage that was way too small for her and was never let out except during bath time. (The cage measured 3 feet by 2 feet.)

I'll continue to monitor her at the moment. Meanwhile, I'll try to arrange slow walks instead of the initial plans of jogging. (Usually we'll have interrupted walks.)
Hope that she'll be fine after some building up of her muscles. I certainly hope that it's not some hidden problems like hip or elbow dysplasia.

I ran and ran and ran for a long long time.

All because Rane wanted to take a nice photo of me in mid-air whilst running.
However this was the nicest shot, because of the lousy camera and lousy photography skills.

I got sick of running and decided to go visiting. And I made myself comfortable on someone elses picnic mat.

However, Rane thought that it was pretty rude of me and chased me off. Thus I decided to make more new friends.

Rane and Mage got sick of me poking my nose into butts (both humans and animals) that they decided to put me on a down-stay near the competition area. She asked me when will I start being such a coach potato and be more pro-active by joining agility classes.

I kept quiet and looked away.

Posh decided to be funny and closed her eyes when being asked to pose for a picture.

Thus I decided that I should make a funny face too.

After all that sniffing, running, posing and exploring. I felt so tired that I decided to catch forty winks on the car, even though it was a short 20 minutes drive.

The pictures do not justify how much effort the organisation had put in and definately do not reflect the fun we had. We had taken very few photos because that silly owner of mine (Rane), did not charge the battery pack for the camera before leaving. Sighs. How silly can she be!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Charity Walk

Rane has signed up for the National Dog Walk 2008 for us. Posh and I will be there in the evening at 4pm, just in time for the walk itself because Rane has lessons earlier in the day. Never mind that we will probably not get any free goodie bags; the goodie bags weren't the reason why we signed up for the dog walk. I just hope that Rane will recover before Sunday; she's down with influenza and is on 3 days medical leave.

Back to the main topic. Though it cost $10 per dog, we think that it's worth it, because all funds raised will go to Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark does rescue work with animals, regardless of breeds and species.

Here's an article on Noah's Ark.

To know more about Noah's Ark, you can visit the following website:

Noah's Ark (Blog)
Noah's Ark Cares
Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS)

Even a young girl like Adreanna is doing her bit for the charity walk.

If you have yet to sign up for the dog walk, it's not too late yet. You can register on the day itself on 3rd August 2008, Sunday at West Coast Dog Run.

Details are as follow.

More information on the Dog Walk.

National Dog Walk 2008

In Aid of Noah's Ark CARES

National Dog Walk 2008
Date : 3 August (Sunday) 2008
Time : 8am to 7pm
Venue : West Coast Park, Dog Run, Car Park 1
Cost : $10 per dog and receive a goody
bag worth more than $50.
* All proceeds will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES

Paws for a Cause
Show your support for little Andreana Tang, 8 yrs old, as she attemtps to walk 1.5km with puppy Prince to raise funds for Noah's Ark - Project Industrial Dogs.

Andreana donated her piggy bank savings of $8.20 to Prince to kick start our Project Industrial Dogs. She made a card for Prince too! Her cards says "Dear God, please bless Noah's Ark with all your might and love them."

Catch Lady and puppy Prince as they make their guest appearance at the NDW 2008, 2pm to 5pm only.
Have your photograph taken with them for $10 per pic. All proceeds will be donated to Project Industrial Dogs.

Mike Ellery and Larry Lai do their part for charity!
Catch Mike Ellery and Larry Lai as they host tele-match games for dogs and their owners.There will also be live entertainment, photography booths, games for dogs, agility demo and competitions. So come on down and spend the day with us!

Noah's Ark CARES
42 Cairnhill Road
# 02 - 01
Singapore 229661
Email Us :

For regular updates on our animal rescue work, please visit our blog

To be on our mailing list or unsubscribe, please email us at