Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vivo City

Not too long after Mage came back from France, we made a trip to Singapore's Largest Shopping Mall, Vivo City to get a new choke chain for me, as the current one has become rusty.

I was ecstatic to step foot paw into an air-conditioned shopping mall, even though pets like me are only allowed in the pet shop and the open air space just outside.

Outside Vivo City's Pet Shop.

Rane had to take countless blurred pictures like this
before she was able to take one clear picture of me.

In the end, she had to resort to using flash,
(partially because I couldn't stop fidgeting).

Mage attempting to test my new choke chain.
*Coughs Hard*

I was forced to post in front of the arcade,
so as to justify that we really went into a shopping mall!

All thanks to the flash, I had such scary eyes!
I looked like I was possessed!!!

As we were walking on the grass patch, this middle aged lady lost control of her small little white dog that resembles a Pekingnese or Japanese Chin (couldn't see really well as it was dark.) That dog ran towards me and after a sniff of greeting, I decided that the dog wasn't my cup of tea and
wanted to walk away.

Suddenly, the dog growled fiercely at me and charged towards me, and attempted to snap my beak snout and bite my neck!

It was all out to kill me! All this while with it's owner shouting for it, and attempting to restrain it. Apparently, the owner has little control of the dog.

The whole episode ended when Mage carried me off from the ground.

Even so, the dog was still crazily jumping at his feet, and he could still feel the sharp edge of it's teeth.

Even though the owner apologised frantically after that, I was still badly traumatised.
(This wasn't the first time I am bitten by another dog.)

Mage was worried that I may be injured and got Rane to check me.
(She was standing there watching the 'show', without any attempts to save me)
Thank goodness I was fine, otherwise I would have gotten the dog owner to compensate me for medical fees, inclusive of laser surgery to get rid of the ugly scars.

What a Bad Dog!

I wished I could board the monorail to Sentosa.

After that Mage and Rane decided to bring me to this pet's cafe at Mohd Sultan Road for dinner. We reached there at 9.20pm sharp and after deciding on what to eat, we placed our orders at
9.35pm. Only then did the waitress told us that their kitchen closes at 9.30pm, even though Rane was asking about a main dish earlier on (which was a strong indication of us wanting to place an order for dinner).

Rane was shocked and somewhat angry with the staff for not telling us that the kitchen closes at 9.30pm even though the cafe itself closes at 11.00pm. (Neither did the website nor the menu states so. Sighs)

Most pet owners in Singapore will know the frustration of finding a cafe/eatery/restaurant/coffeeshop that is animal/pet friendly. So imagine our frustration that day; it was 9.30pm, we were hungry, and there were no other pet cafes around that's likely to be opened.

Luckily, the Japanese restaurant next door allowed us to sit at their al fresco dining area. (Probably because Rane & I decided to use our expressive eyes to look really pitiful!)

But I still did not get my dinner, because the Japanese restaurant only served food for human consumption!!!

Sighs! Bad Luck Day.

To make me feel a little better, Rane and Mage decided to
bring me for a walk down Robertson Quay.

I really blended in well into the background in this picture,
without any digital modification nor special settings
to the camera. We only realised about it after we uploaded
the pictures to the computer.

And Rane forced me to pose for another picture.
This is the sharpest picture among all the blurred ones.

After seeing how long we struggled with taking a picture,
this among couple decided to give us a hand by getting me
to focus and looked in the direction of the camera.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bukit Batok Park

Infrequent Updates

Sincere apologies to readers who have been visiting my blog, only to realise that I have yet to post any entries in the month of March.

As Rane has lent our camera to Mage, there was no way we could transfer the pictures taken into our computer as we do not have a SD card reader. Moreover, our hard disk space is full as it is cluttered with Rane’s dramas and serials, despite having a disk space of 193GB. .

Since we have gotten the camera back, we have transferred all the photos we have taken in the whole of this month, thus I will be uploading them and blog about them pretty often in the next one week or so, so do check out my blog regularly ya!


Bukit Batok Nature Park

Before I stepped paw into Bukit Batok Nature Park, I had the idea that it was a small park which I can cover within minutes. I only realised that it was much bigger than what I thought after exploring it earlier this month. I only explored one part of the park after spending a good two hours there.

No wonder troops of armies were sent to Bukit Batok Nature Park to track Mas Selamat the day before our trip. There was quite a bit of vegetation.

That aside, let me share with you my trip that day.

Bukit Batok Memorial.

And I was made to post in front of it.

A mini map of the park.

A small stream of water.

Which leads to this. The surface of the water looked
really calm, but the undercurrents seemed strong.

The water from the stream flows to this
(used to be) quarry.

Along the way, we spot some signs that are
not commonly seen.

How about feeding me for free, instead of
having to pay $500 to feed the monkeys!

Actually there were more signs along the way,
but Rane was lazy too tired to take photos of them.

The Never Never End Road.

And the Never Never End Steps.

And there's always more to come.

And the Very Very Steep Slopes.

Spot the Not!

Yes! It was a long trail of Big Ants!
I had to run fast as I was afraid the ants will start eating
me up, for I am Sugar, you see!

We also spotted some nice plants too!
Rane: I remember eating a vegetable (raw)
similar to this fern
when I was in Cambodia!

The Trunk must have fought hard to survive
the La Nina effect.

The 'growths' on the tree sure gave me goosebumps.
Anyone knows what kind of parasite plant is that?
They remind me of piles (with a tinge of chlorophyll).

Pandas came to my mind the moment I saw
these Bamboo Trees.

On the way back, we spotted a worker skiving resting.

Find the workers who are catching forty winks!

I never knew Bukit Batok Park has such a rich history.

A very hot and exhausted me was glad to be in the car
with the air conditioner blowing straight at my face.

My first time going for a car wash, and I was scared stiff!
Half the time, I was trying to dodge the water that was
'splashing' in my direction!


Readers of My Blog

On hindsight, my blog has more than 1000 views!

Though it has been 6 months since I started blogging,
I will consider this a breakthrough, as I thought/felt/sensed
that very few people will read my blog, since it's all about a dog (me).

Moreover, my comment box and tag board has very little movement,
thus I tend to assume that my blog is rarely visited by others.

May I urge visitors or readers of my blog to tag or comment more
often, so that I will have the motivation to update more frequently,
knowing that there are people out there reading my blog.

Yours Truly,