Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brownie's1st Birthday

3 Saturdays ago, Brownie (our classmate/friend) invited us to her 1st barkday pawty at her favourite cafe, Urban Pooch.

Oh boy, we were so excited about it. It's our first time attending a barkday pawty!

Rane said we must post a nice picture for the camera.

She made us look as if we were looking at the camera lens by placing our food right below the camera. How mean can she be!

Mage ordered lamb meat balls & chicken shepherd's pie for both Posh & I to share. For the first time after her surgery, Posh got to eat delicious food outside her 'special diet'.

The birthday girl waiting for her yummylicious lunch in great anticipation.

Poor me was made to stay before the food and pose for a picture while everyone else was chomping away.

Poor Brownie was placed in the playpen after she stole my food. I didn't mind sharing my food, really. After all, she was the birthday girl!

Evidence of the stolen food.

The silly bowl kept moving as I licked up the food and I had to walk while eating. After a while, I saw Brownie staring at me! Woops!

Rane placed me on the chair and I was stuck there for a good 10 minutes because I didn't have the guts to jump down.

After lunch, we were all made to pose for a picture.

With many unsuccessful attempts.

When all of us finally looked at one direction, it was the wrong direction! We weren't keen in looking at the camera.

All of us refuse to cooperate, making the humans look like monkeys as they tried hard to get our attention.

Posh was so bored that she leaned her head on me.

After 4 cameras, 6 people and 43 shots (that's not including the number of photos taken by other fur-parents), this was the most successful picture taken by us.

Silly Rane and Mage forgot to take a picture of Brownie blowing out the candle.

Brownie waited impatiently while her mummy divided the cake among the 6 of us.

Brownie was really please with her mummy's choice of Strawberry Cheese Cake.

And so were we.

Choco decided that cheese cake was not to her liking and guess who benefitted from it?

Brownie was looking forward to unwrap her barkday presents.

All of us started to chill after all the fun, food and joy.

Posh (on the right) and I (on the left) just before we leave the place.

Dear Brownie,

Thank you Brownie for your invitation to your barkday pawty. We really enjoy it loads. Meanwhile, I hope you had an enjoyable and wonderful birthday celebration.

Happy 1st Birthday~

Sugar & Posh