Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tripod Stand

Just before Rane left for vacation on Friday, my right hind leg got injured. I have no idea how I hurt myself. I guess it must have happened when Posh and I were being rough with each other.

No one noticed it, especially when I still moved around reasonably fast. Not until I hobbled towards Mage on three legs.

A video of me hobbling on 3 legs.
Since then, they started calling me Tripod Stand.

Rane and Mage rushed me to the veterinary clinic the very moment it was opened for the evening sessions. The doctor was surprised to see Rane, as she has just been to the clinic during the afternoon session (Rane brought Posh to the doctor for a checkup; all thanks to her swallowing the durian seed.)

After some pulling and stretching of my joints, the doctor concluded that I have loose joints and is probably suffering from a 'slipping kneecap' condition known as luxating patella in medical terms. However, I could also be suffering from an injured/torn ligament.

The only way to confirm the doctor's suspicions is an x-ray, but even an x-ray will do little help to the treatment as surgery is the only way out. Even a surgery does not mean regaining 100% use of my limb as I am overweight, and that will hinder the recovery of my surgical wound.

Thus the doctor decided to give me some painkillers to stop the pain temporarily, and a week's time for my joints to recover by itself.

She also suggested separating Posh from me, so that my injuries will not be aggravated/worsened when we play rough. (This happens every other minute). So off Posh goes into her play pen, while I rule the household yet again. Hehs.

Meanwhile, Rane still left for her vacation that very night. I wished she would stay behind for my sake, but she didn't. She chose her vacation over me. Sighs.


It's been almost two weeks since I injured myself. I am happy to announce that I am a Tripod Stand no more. I can now walk as per normal, however Rane is considering sending me for alternative/complementary medicine like TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and/or nutritional supplements like glucosamine (which the doctor encourages.)

Any advises?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Silly Posh

Silly Posh swallowed a durian seed! Rane's mum decided to feed the silly pooch a little durian. Being a greedy pooch, Posh bit her hand and Rane's mum instinctively let go of the durian seed. In that split second, Posh 'snatched' and gobbled the seed.

Now Rane is worried like nuts. She can't decide whether to induce vomiting or to take a 'wait and see' approach, since Posh is active and isn't displaying signs of stomach discomfort/pains.

Rane has sent an email to our family doctor (veterinarian) who has yet to get a reply, since they are closed for the day.

She sure hopes that Posh will poo the seed out first thing in the morning!