Wednesday, October 31, 2007

King of Fruits - Durian

Durian has long be known as the King of Fruits, much loved or hated by many people.

Being a typical Singaporean, I Love Durians! I love their stench frgrance very much. Every time Rane's father brings back some durians, I will stupidly poke my nose straight into the durian to get a better smell of it, and the durians never fail to reciprocate by poking me back!

Even though Mage strictly does not allow begging, he has never stopped me from begging for Durians. Guess he probably knows the goodness of durians and decided to share them with me!

The Dog is always last in Queue. Sighs.

When can I ever lay my paws on those yummy fruits!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PC down

Dearest Paw Frenz,

I am sorry for the lack of updates. Rane's PC (personal computer) went nuts! For a good whole week, I could not use the computer at all! I heard it was a graphics card problem. Hope it gets rectified soon.


I am so bored these days, I spend most of my time stoning and sleeping.
Life without a PC is torturous.
Such is the life of an urban pooch.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Story

After blogging for a month, I realised that I have yet to formally introduce myself. Allow me to do that today.

My Story

I was a pooch that both Mage and Rane has look forward to for years. They fell head over heels for me, and since then there was no turning back. As none of their parents were approving of rearing a dog, they had to brain storm for a long time before Mage decided to use the excuse of having me as a 'graduation gift'.

Even though the decision to get me was pretty much impromptu, both Mage and Rane did not make the decision on impulse; neither did they get me 0ut of novelty. In fact, Rane has read a lot about the various dogs' breeds, behaviour, demands and even diseases/sicknesses, therefore she had known what to expect when rearing a dog. She did only do this out of interest, but also to prepare for the day when she decides to own a dog. Therefore, when they first saw me, Rane could identify that I was a beagle, and that I will most probably be hyperactive (in comparison to lap dogs) and demand a lot attention. Most importantly, she guessed that I will bear the 'typical beagle's stubbornness'.

What a spot on she was.

Goodbye Mage

I stayed with Mage for a month in Marine Parade before I was arranged to stay with Rane, as Mage had to serve the nation for 2.5 months. During my short stay in Rane's house, I won the heart of Rane's family. Rane's parents no longer resist the thought of rearing a dog! I was finally accepted.

By the time I had to go home, everybody was so attached to me, they were so unwilling to let me leave. I guess the only ones who were happy were my fur-siblings - The 3 B's (I'll introduce more about my fur-siblings in my following post), as I had robbed them of their love and attention. Most importantly, they found me irritating for constantly sniffing them, and eating their food (and shit too).

In less than a month after returning to Mage's home, I was back at Rane's home! I was just too irresistable. Since then, I have been staying at Rane's house (much to the dismay of Mage).

Mage, I am really sorry. Sometimes it's really hard to decide when you are torn between two loved ones. I shall reassure you that I still love you and I will like to spend as much time with you as you will allow me to. If allowed to, I will gladly split myself or clone myself into two, so that I will be able to accompany both of you at all point in time.

Mage, are you already convinced by what I have said?

You will still continue to shower me with your love right? * wags tail*

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bug Bug

I have this thing for those six legged insects; especially bugs. I just can't take my eyes off these bug bugs.

When I first notice any signs of bugs, I will stop whatever I was doing and give them my utmost attention. I'll just stare and stare at them, until I declare them missing.

Rane says that I look silly with my eyes squint each time an insect flies near my face, just like those dogs on cartoon.

This is me staring at a moth.

Changing my position to get a better view of the lil' moth.

A short video of The Moth and I.

I really love these bugs. I always try to make friends with them by licking them, but they almost always disappear after that.

Can someone explain why?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Have you noticed that I have added a new widget at the right column? Yes, it's the Google's Translator widget. You can actually try clicking on the small flags to try out the various languages that my blog post can be translated into.

I have been playing around the translation function. I had thought that adding the function will be good, as it will allow other readers who are less proficient in english to understand what I am trying to bark about. Most of the time, my translated blog posts do not seem to make much sense, as they are translated word for word. Other times, they just simply translated the words wrongly.

However, I do encourage you guys to try out the translation function. It really tickles you in the stomach, Like how 'Taxi Taxi' became '出租车出租车'which means rental of cars, and 'I am allergic to dogs' became '我有过敏狗' ; which means I have an allergic dog.

The worst was when I addressed my owner as my mistress. They literally translated it to '情妇', literally means my lover whom I have illicit relationships with.

Any other doggie friends out there who is able to read other languages that can be translated into? Care to share any funny or senseless words?

Oh ya, my 'new' name is 食糖格尔 (Shi2 Tang2 Ge2 E3); Sugar the Beagle.