Sunday, August 24, 2008

Posh & Poo

Both Posh and I are trained to pee and poo in the playpen, just so that we can have the freedom of doing our businesses at our own leisure, instead of designated time of the day.

At the same time, the playpen also doubles up as our punishment grounds. When we do something wrong (or rather something that displeases the humans), we will be confined to the playpen and ignored all the time. I call it the Ice Palace.

While 'serving our time' we were given benefits like access to water. Posh decided to take 'revenge' one day by pooing into the water bowl. No, you did not hear me wrong. She POOED in her water bowl! How disgusting can she be!!!

Warning!!! Please do not scroll down if you've got a a low threshold for disgusting images.

Posh really thinks that she's a human and that her water bowl is the toilet bowl.

That very silly girl did not realise that her water bowl does not have a flushing system!

Friday, August 8, 2008

National Dog Walk

It's been a while since I last blogged about my life. Sorry friends if I've not visited your blog for some time. You're not forgotten. Give us a little time and we'll drop by your blog.

For the past week, Rane was kept busy caring for the strays and herself (she was still recovering from her flu) that she didn't have much time to help me with the blog.Now that she has a little time to spare, I've gotten her to transfer some pictures of us at the Charity Dog Walk that Rane has signed up for both Posh and I.

We went for the dog event last Sunday but we missed the walk itself as Rane ended her class late. However, we still went for the carnival and had fun in the dog run.

There were so many humans and dogs joining the event, that the car park was filled to the max and I really meant it because every single space was taken up; whether or not it was legal.

We only took pictures in the dog run itself because it was so crowded at the booths that both Rane and Mage had to prevent Posh and I from poking our noses into other people's/dog's butts.

Rane made us run after her because she thinks we need the excercise to keep fit; she's been complaining that I was a tad too fat. Moreover, she thinks it'll be good physiotherapy for my knee since my last injury.

It was here that she realised that Posh seems to run a little 'funnily'.

Rane's Words

When Posh walks, it seems as though she's trotting. She looks exactly like how dogs are depicted in cartoon, walking lightly behind their owners. Initially I brushed it off thinking it's just her 'style' of walking.

However, when I brought her to this very big field to run (as in really run), I noticed that she tilts on one side. If I rememebered correctly, she tend to put on more weight on her right side. I also noticed that she had very poor stamina and pant very badly in the midst of running. Even though Sugar is overweight and is much fatter in comparison to Posh, Sugar still managed to run much faster for a longer period of time.

I wonder if it could be due to poor muscle development, since she was kept in a cage that was way too small for her and was never let out except during bath time. (The cage measured 3 feet by 2 feet.)

I'll continue to monitor her at the moment. Meanwhile, I'll try to arrange slow walks instead of the initial plans of jogging. (Usually we'll have interrupted walks.)
Hope that she'll be fine after some building up of her muscles. I certainly hope that it's not some hidden problems like hip or elbow dysplasia.

I ran and ran and ran for a long long time.

All because Rane wanted to take a nice photo of me in mid-air whilst running.
However this was the nicest shot, because of the lousy camera and lousy photography skills.

I got sick of running and decided to go visiting. And I made myself comfortable on someone elses picnic mat.

However, Rane thought that it was pretty rude of me and chased me off. Thus I decided to make more new friends.

Rane and Mage got sick of me poking my nose into butts (both humans and animals) that they decided to put me on a down-stay near the competition area. She asked me when will I start being such a coach potato and be more pro-active by joining agility classes.

I kept quiet and looked away.

Posh decided to be funny and closed her eyes when being asked to pose for a picture.

Thus I decided that I should make a funny face too.

After all that sniffing, running, posing and exploring. I felt so tired that I decided to catch forty winks on the car, even though it was a short 20 minutes drive.

The pictures do not justify how much effort the organisation had put in and definately do not reflect the fun we had. We had taken very few photos because that silly owner of mine (Rane), did not charge the battery pack for the camera before leaving. Sighs. How silly can she be!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Charity Walk

Rane has signed up for the National Dog Walk 2008 for us. Posh and I will be there in the evening at 4pm, just in time for the walk itself because Rane has lessons earlier in the day. Never mind that we will probably not get any free goodie bags; the goodie bags weren't the reason why we signed up for the dog walk. I just hope that Rane will recover before Sunday; she's down with influenza and is on 3 days medical leave.

Back to the main topic. Though it cost $10 per dog, we think that it's worth it, because all funds raised will go to Noah's Ark. Noah's Ark does rescue work with animals, regardless of breeds and species.

Here's an article on Noah's Ark.

To know more about Noah's Ark, you can visit the following website:

Noah's Ark (Blog)
Noah's Ark Cares
Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS)

Even a young girl like Adreanna is doing her bit for the charity walk.

If you have yet to sign up for the dog walk, it's not too late yet. You can register on the day itself on 3rd August 2008, Sunday at West Coast Dog Run.

Details are as follow.

More information on the Dog Walk.

National Dog Walk 2008

In Aid of Noah's Ark CARES

National Dog Walk 2008
Date : 3 August (Sunday) 2008
Time : 8am to 7pm
Venue : West Coast Park, Dog Run, Car Park 1
Cost : $10 per dog and receive a goody
bag worth more than $50.
* All proceeds will be donated to Noah's Ark CARES

Paws for a Cause
Show your support for little Andreana Tang, 8 yrs old, as she attemtps to walk 1.5km with puppy Prince to raise funds for Noah's Ark - Project Industrial Dogs.

Andreana donated her piggy bank savings of $8.20 to Prince to kick start our Project Industrial Dogs. She made a card for Prince too! Her cards says "Dear God, please bless Noah's Ark with all your might and love them."

Catch Lady and puppy Prince as they make their guest appearance at the NDW 2008, 2pm to 5pm only.
Have your photograph taken with them for $10 per pic. All proceeds will be donated to Project Industrial Dogs.

Mike Ellery and Larry Lai do their part for charity!
Catch Mike Ellery and Larry Lai as they host tele-match games for dogs and their owners.There will also be live entertainment, photography booths, games for dogs, agility demo and competitions. So come on down and spend the day with us!

Noah's Ark CARES
42 Cairnhill Road
# 02 - 01
Singapore 229661
Email Us :

For regular updates on our animal rescue work, please visit our blog

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