Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll be Here for You

In Life, we may not always see eye to eye. At times, we may even head in different directions.

However, when life doesn't treat you fairly, please remember that my shoulder is always here for you to cry on.

That's what family and friends are for.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We're Back~~~

Hey hey,

We're back!!! On a whole, the past few months have been great for us. We've been eating well and putting on a little weight. *sheepish grins*

However, there were certain hiccups along the way. The doctor officially declared me overweight and suggested putting me on a diet.

On top of that, I sprained one of my toes and was hopping on three paws. My humans were baffled as to how it happened. Two x-rays were taken and it was discovered that I have a slight hip dysplasia. The doctor has since prescribed me glucosamine and strongly recommended swimming in a bid to strengthen my thigh muscles and hopefully, to shed some fats/weight.

The doctor also mentioned that if I maintain or continue to to put on weight, I will have a good chance of developing arthritis in my knee joints and/or worsening condition of my hip displasia.

Did I mention that my humans did not celebrate my birthday this year as they were too busy? Rane promised to make it up for me and I'm still waiting. Sighs.

Oh well, in life there are ups and downs right?

Here's a picture of the impatient us with packets of treats. How are we to loose weight with such great temptations? =P