Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Year 2008

As a new year approaches, it's time to look at what we have been through in the past year.

Highlights of 2008

  • Posh joined our big furmily.
  • Xiao Xin (pronounced as see-ao sin), the roboskii joined our big furmily.
  • Goldlion the cat who was picked up and treated by Rane, is now adopted by Mage. Though we do not live together, I'll still take it that he's joined our big furmily too.
  • I joined the SKC Obedience Trial for the 1st time.

Best of 2008

  • It's the first time I've received Christmas cards from fellow fur-bloggers all over the world!
  • I've met the most number of fur-bloggers!
  • I never knew so many people/furries read my blog (I almost wanted to give up blogging for a period of time!)
  • Posh & I went swimming for the first time at the beach.
  • Posh & I went visiting the most number of parks ever.
  • Posh & I dined out at dog cafes the most number of time ever.
  • Mage bought us a machine to produce treats w/o preservatives, colourings & artificial flavouring. We love these home made treats better than any commercially produced ones!

Saddest of 2008

This year, we mourned the most number of deaths in the furmily ever. I hope this will never happen again in the following years.

Things I wished never happened in 2008

  • I injured my hind leg and was limping for a period of time.
  • Posh suffered immense pain when a metal bar thats 0.5cm in diameter pierced through the web of her front paw.
  • Posh the problematic beagle bit her front paw excessively till an infection occured.
  • I was officially declared by the veterinarian that I was 5kg overweight! Since then, my food and treats intake were reduced. However I lost only 2.5kg, which means I've got another 2.5kg more to go. It didn't help when people start commenting on how fat I was. Goodbye yummy goodies. =(
  • Someone forced Rane to give up both Posh & I, but Rane (with the support of her immediate family) insisted on keeping us. We're kind of safe at the moment. Keep your paws crossed for us.

Year 2009

It's the time of the year for New Year Resolutions and things to look forward to.

Things I Aim/Wish for

  • Lose my remaining 2.5kg of excess fats/weight.
  • Score well for my next Obedience Trial.
  • Have Posh to stay with us.
  • Get along well with Posh. (We have a love-hate relationship =D)
  • Maintain a cordial relationship with the rest of the furries.
  • Eat out more often at Dog Cafes.
  • Celebrate my 3rd birthday with a pawty.
  • Be showered with more Tender Loving Care.
  • Be fed more treats.
  • Be fed more chicken and duck in my meals (I LOVE poultry).
  • Get Rane to bake me home made cookies (I'm very fussy you see.)
  • Roll in the sand more often @ the beach(my favourite).
  • More swims in the sea.
  • More walks! No amount is ever too much!
  • Have a roof over our furry heads.
  • To have Rane with us all the time (she almost wanted to leave us with her family members when she got a vacancy in an Australian university this year. Thank goodness we melted her heart and changed her mind for now.)

With that, I'll like to wish all furries and human a joyous and fruitful year ahead.

Happy New Year!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Dear Furries and Humans,

We'll like to wish all furries and humans a


& a


Sugar & Posh

P.S. This Christmas, we'll like to highlight the importance of sharing our joy and happiness. Currently, many charity organisations (for both humans and animals) are having a tough time as donations and help are limited due to the economy recession. Do extend your help this festive season. Any help (regardless of donating or volunteering) is greatly appreciated by the recipients.

Lastly, have a warm and blessed Christmas, my friends ~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rub a Tub Tub

Rub a Tub Tub, Posh Posh in a Tub

One day, Posh decided to get in the blue tub that Rane's mum uses to hold washed linens before hanging them up.

She made herself comfortable in it.

And soon ... She FELL ASLEEP in IT!!!

Sometimes I really wonder if I have a beagle as my sister, or a cat as my sister.

Rub a Tub Tub, Sugar in a Tub

Though I was clearly disgusted by the cat behaviour displayed by that beagle, I decided to find myself a tub too!

I mean, if Posh can have a tub of her own, shouldn't I have one too?

I decided to choose this tub made of China. You know, those porcelain kind that the Chinese Imperial Family used to use? It's classy, it's spacious and it definately cost more than that blue plastic tub that Posh has declared hers.

I deserve better because I'm the Princess at home.

I Rule!


On a sidenote, someone wanted me to post a picture of Piyo (my other bunny sibling) with a vacuum cleaner. I still have yet to understand why they love the vacuum cleaner so much.

Spokes-fur deal anyone?

Sweet Licks,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fur & Vacuum

Somehow, there's this thing between the furries and the vacuum cleaner in my house.

First it's Crunchie the Bunny.

Then, it's Posh the (Kitty) Beagle.

My humans did not make the furries pose with the vacuum cleaner. The furries just seek comfort in lying in between/by it.

Anyone knows of any vacuum cleaner company who's keen to hire them as Spokesman ... No, I mean Spokes-Fur? We'll gladly oblige for some dog food/treats, or better still, human food!

Sweet Licks,

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dining Out

Oh my, I can't believe that I haven't been updating the blog in the whole of November! Okay, I shall make up for it by updating more frequently this month. I'll go blog visiting too, give us a little time ya!

Two Saturdays ago, Posh and I were happy and excited when Rane dressed herself up before leaving home; we had thought that she was gonna bring us out. But boy, we were so wrong. Rane was going for music lessons and we couldn't tag along. Posh was SO disappointed, she couldn't stop whining pitifully as we sent Rane to the door.
Rane & Mage ordered Beef with Brown Rice and Chicken Macroni with Herbs for us. In the end, they mixed both the dishes together, just so that we can have a taste of both.

Feeling guilty & a little sad to leave us behind, Rane and Mage decided to come back for us in the evening, just to bring us out for dinner. You can't imagine how touched I was. I bet it must have been Posh's whining. I have decided to learn how to whine as miserably like her!

Rane made us pose for a picture before giving us permission to eat. Look at how greedy Posh is! She couldn't stop licking and drooling!

Us, savouring every single bit of the food!

As food were served in plastic containers, the containers couldn't stop moving each time we licked from them.

In the end, we went in rounds just to have our dinner.

Even under the chair!

Poor Posh had a hard time 'picking' the cherry tomatoes that were stuck firmly to the bottom of the container.

The careless me had dropped so much food on the ground, I had to lick them up bit by bit.

I didn't even realised that I've dropped an elbow macroni. In the end, Posh benefited from my loss!

Look at all the spots on the floor, they are left behind by our drool~

Posh the greedy pooch, ate up all the food that I deemed un-delicious. I've decided to term her 'My Personal Trash Bin'.

A nice sunset, though this picture doesn't justify it.
All thanks to Rane's lousy camera.

After our dinner, it started drizzling. That was when all the snails came crawling out from the ground. On the way to the toilet, Rane has to walk pass several grass patches and pavements. During which, my clumsy human crushed and killed several snails without noticing them previously! It scared the wits out of her!
Seeing how scared she was, I couldn't help but giggled. Hehs.

This is a video that shows us eating in circles, round and round each other.

Important Notice

Rane is helping us (Posh & I) with the Christmas cards for DWB (Dogs with Blog) exchange. We've gotten our first batch of xmas cards printed and greetings written. All that's left is to mail them out. Our printer has run out of ink and we're waiting to purchase a new cartridge before printing the second batch of xmas cards. We've decided to work on the snail mail first, as it takes a longer time to reach our recipients, thus e-cards will be sent out at a later date. Kindly give us a little time to sort them out.

We'll also like to inform you that we will also gladly receive e-cards, though we didn't indicate so previously. Sorry for the inconveniences caused, if any.

For friends (humans and fur/feathers/scales alike) who have missed out the deadline and will still like to receive a christmas cards from us, please email us your residential address (for snail mail) or email address (for e-cards). We are more than happy to send you a card this Christmas, irregardless of whether you are a member of DWB. We promise not to use your address for any other purposes.

Sugar the Beagle