Monday, April 28, 2008

Feather Friend

Our Dearest Rane has always found animals sick, injured and/or abandoned.

And guess what she's found last Sunday (27th April '08)?

Yes, it was a bird. A pigeon in fact.

That poor little thing was lying on one side of it's thigh on a grass patch when Piglet (Rane's youngest sister) first spotted it. Rane soon realised that it's right wing was injured, and was probably unable to fly.

With 20 minutes before the vet clinic closes, Rane sped to the vet. Thankfully, she was there just on before they closed. Not knowing what to name the pigeon, Mage had requested the nurse not to name the bird yet. However, the nurse needed a name to register for the bird, and decided to call it Pigeon Tan. (How silly can that be! It's like naming me Dog Tan! =X )

They had waited an hour and a half before the vet finally got to look at that poor little thing.

Initially, Rane had thought that after nursing the pigeon back to health, she can let it free. However, this was what the vet said after diagnosing.

The pigeon has fractured it's leg, and probably injured it's spine. It's claw is unable to grip onto anything, thus it can't perch on a stick/twig/branch/rod/whatever-that-is-long-and-straight. Without the ability to perch, the pigeon will not be able to fly. (And needless to say, without the ability to fly, the pigeon will definately not able to survive in the wild on it's own.) Most importantly, the vet isn't very optimistic about the pigeon's condition, as the pigeon might have sustained internal injuries (which is not oblivious to us, until other signs or symptoms are shown).

On the brighter side, the pigeon's injuries on the wings are external injuries, and the feathers will grow back. Most importantly, it's eyes are bright and it looked alert.

On the surface, the pigeon looks like any other bird.

Look at the Pigeon's claws.
It does not have the ability to control them.
The claws just 'cross' according to how we hold/carry it.

See how the claws overlap each other?

The wing with missing feathers.

This is how the pigeon looks like lying on the left thigh.

In the end, Rane decided to name the pigeon Winter, as it looks like a molted bird, preparing for winter. =)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dog Barks

Ever wondered what different pitches of dog barks mean? Watch the following to know more.

Ever heard dogs singing a birthday song?

After watching the above video, Rane has been wondering when I can bark according to the pitch and beat she wants. Sighs. It's not easy being a dog these days. *whines*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Calender - April & May '08

A sample of our calenders in the month of April and May 2008.

Rane has decided to hone her photoshop cum fireworks skill, and decided to create a calender featuring us (Us = Furmily + Me).

As she has printed more than what we need, we have excess to give away. If you don't mind the poor photo quality and designing skills, we are more than willing to give it to you at no cost. Just indicate on the tag board that you are keen to have a copy and email us your mailing address, and we will mail it to you via post. Never mind that your mailing address is somewhere on the other part of the world.

Please note that the public holidays indicated on the calender is based on Singapore's public holiday. However, if you are keen to have the calender stating public holidays of your country, please inform us beforehand (with calenders starting from the month of June), and we will amend accordingly, as long as we have yet to send it for printing.

Till then.

Sweet Licks,

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Furmily Member

Recently, there was this conversation going on between Mage and Rane. Despite my efforts to eavesdrop on what they said, I couldn't catch every single word, I only hear the words "Get a new furmily member".

I am not exactly sure how the new furmily member will look like, neither do I know what species it will be, because I heard them mumbling something about 'Lop-ear bunny', then I heard 'Pudding', then 'Roboski', and lately 'pooch'! And then off they go to do some research.


What will be of me when the new furmily member swings by our house?

Will I still be loved?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Banner

Dear All,

With the help of Rane and Mage, I have managed to create a new banner for my blog, which allows a faster loading time, since the previous banner requires some time to load.

I have also put up a display picture of myself under personal profile and someone commented that it looks like the 'perfect passport size photo'. He also added that should dogs need Identification Cards (IC) one day, that would be the best picture to use, even though I was said to look a little sad in the picture. (I was just trying to look solemn and serious.)

* Stares at the someone *

On top of that, I have included more pictures and upload them to the photo album on the right side of my blog. The colours of the tag board is also edited to make it brighter and more lively.

Should you have any suggestions or idea to make my blog more attractive and user-friendly, you are always welcome to feedback to me.


Sweet Licks,