Friday, February 29, 2008

Singapore Botanical Garden

Rane insists that I blog on this day, February 29th, saying that this is a once in a four years chance. The humans call it the 'Leap Year'. Thus I have decided to post about my trip to the Singapore Botanical Gardens last Wednesday, in an attempt to lighten our mood (ever since Herbie's death).

Exploring Singapore Botanical Gardens

Embarking on the Journey, with Rane and Piglet.

Not long after we reached the Botanical Gardens,
I was made to do a Sit Stay.

I wonderd why, till I saw those Big Rain Drops. =(

Thank goodness the rain didn't last for long,
but there were puddles of water on the pavement.

I ended up leaving my foot prints paw prints
everywhere I went.

Stupid Rane dropped her handphone without knowing it.
We ended up searching the routes we have taken to find
her handphone.

It was by chance we discovered that we had
taken a photo of it. We decided to name it
"The Act of Dropping the Handphone in Mid Air"

Rane saw this big big tree & ran excitedly towards it.
See how fast we ran! Our fours are all off the ground.

She insisted we take a photo on it.
Being a coward timid dog, I objected violently
& struggled very hard to resist.

This explains the weird expression of mine in this photo.

Piglet attempting to take a picture of our shadows.

Rane had wanted to go to the Swan Lake, but apparently
she doesn't know how to read the signs well, as we took
a long time to look for it.

After we have reached our destination, Rane insisted
that we take a photo with the swan.

For some weird reasons, the swan was very attracted to
me. It made some weird noises at me too!

The sun was scorching hot after the rain & I got
very thirsty after a long walk.

And I have got a very healthy body system;
Whatever goes in, comes out. Hehs =P

We spotted an eagle at the park, and Rane was thankful
she didn't bring Guni, an angora dwarf (rabibit) along to
the park as she had intended to.

I was forced to take a photo with Piglet.
Just look at how she grab onto my neck.
I thought I was suffocating!

I was also made to post amongst the bushes.

When Rane saw the gardener watering the plants,
she wished that she could use the hose to bathe me too.

I was made to pose at this lamp post.

All because it says there are dog poo bags there.

I was made to pose again, as the previous picture
has a high exposure, thus it was difficult to make out
what was printed on the dog poo box.

A final pose before we leave the Botanical Garden.

I was so tired from the trip, I dozed off in the car.

& I woke up to a camera snapping away.
That's why I didn't look very happy in the photo.

To gain a better view of the road, I slowly inch forward.

And left my beautiful butt at the back seat.

At the end of the day, Rane and I were so tired,
we fell asleep soon after.

And as the flashes went off incessantly, I got so irritated
I covered my eyes with the pillow.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Herbie the Roboski

Rane wrote a mini biography of Herbie, and I will like to share it with all of you.

Rane's Words

I did a small little write up on my hamster shortly after he has passed away on 19th February 2008, at the age of 8 months old (estimated). There were no signs or symptoms of his abrupt death, thus it was hard for us to accept it, especially when he's not even a year old. We did not send him for any autopsy to be done, thus his death will always remain as a mystery.

Allow me to share his story with all of you.

Herbie's Story

My parents were feeding the strays as usual on a cold night in July 2007, when they heard a rustling sound from the drain. This sound aroused the interest of one of the stray cats. Suspecting that there could be a bat trapped in the drain or worse, a snake hiding amongst the leaves, my parents decided to investigate further.

To their surprise, they saw a small little container half filled with sunflower seeds, and on top of it, a small little hamster was trotting and jumping. He looked at my parents with his big bright beautiful eyes, curious to the surroundings.

Despite being a beautiful baby Roboski, Herbie was an abandoned hamster.

My mother was still commenting on how active he can still be when he was almost on the verge of death. Imagine how happy the stray cats would have been playing around with a ‘new toy’, or how he would have been drowned when it rains, since he was abandoned in a drain that was at least four feet deep.

The following night after my parents found the hamster, it was pouring heavily. “Curse that person who abandoned that poor hamster in the drain”, was what I thought to myself. How could anyone bear to abandon a defenseless hamster when he was barely a month old, leaving for him to die!

For some unknown reasons, I had the urge to name the hamster Grace, probably because I thought of God’s grace. I was very thankful that my parents had found Grace in time, and I felt comforted having him around, especially after the death of Hope (our previous hamster).

God’s Grace

Due to our busy schedules, we only managed to bring Grace to the vet a month later for a general checkup. It was only then did we discover that Grace was a boy! As ‘Grace’ was still very young when we found him, it was hard to tell his gender as his vital organs were not fully developed.

We had to rename him. I have always thought that he looked like Herbie, the golden retriever with his slightly fair coloured face, thus I have decided to name ‘Grace’ after Herbie.

At the same time, I thought that Herbie looked a bit like a peanut with his small thin waist and had initially wanted to name Peanut as his middle name. However, upon seeing how he rolled up like a little ball, I had the urge to name him Walnut too. After much thought about it, I have decided on Herbie Walnut, since Peanut was a tad too common.

Herbie Walnut was his name

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goodbye Brother

Rane had wanted me to do a little write up of my furmily since I started blogging, however I was always procrastinating as I do not have very nice photos of all of them, especially Herbie our roboski.

Being a roboski, he was extremely active and was never still enough for the camera. As a result, his photos are almost always blur.

Sadly, the only picture which he never moved, was the one taken after he passed away.

I shall blog more about him on my next post, when the entire furmily is feeling better.

Herbie looks like he's sound asleep, doesn't he?

* Rane finally brought some hamster food from Mage's house, but Herbie never got to eat them. Initially she had thought that Herbie was soundly asleep in the hut. Never did she realise that Herbie will never wake up.

Rest in peace, Herbie. You will always be in our hearts.

May we meet again one day.

The following was quoted from Rane's sister, Marlow.

We are all upset, but life still has to move on.
Let the beautiful memories live in our heats.
Shadow proves the existence of the sunlight.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dirty O Bone

Remember the Bone Rane bought for me in Phuket?

I was obsessed with it and loved it to the core, till it became

Like This!!!

Mage and Rane said this was dirty and disgusting.
It was black and stuck with lots of fur!

But I thought it was still chewy and tasted delicious,
despite it shrinking a little.

One day, I saw them creeping to the dustbin
& I never saw the bone since.

I was so sore about it.

To make up for that, they got me a new bone!
This time, it's a synthetic bone which will last me
a tad longer (hopefully).

Upon seeing their sincerity to make up for it, I decided to
accept the bone.

However, Rane complained about the bone costing a
whooping $12.80.

To make up for that, I have decided to help relief her load
by earning a little 'pocket money' through the newly added
Google Ads and Google Search box on the right of my blog.

Hopefully, the advertisements will attract users, thereby
allowing me to earn my own treats.

Good Luck to Me~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Additions to Blog

Dear Friends,

I have included a small section on the right side of my blog to share with you other Dlogs (Dog Blogs) which I read.

If you will like me to add a link to your blog (animals or otherwise), do drop me a message and Iit will be my pleasure to do so.

Sweet Licks,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

Dear Friends,

I will like to wish all of you a Happy Chinese (Lunar) New Year .

May all of you celebrate this festive season with much joy and fun.

Most importantly, remember to collect lots of Ang Pao/red packets (and share with me.)

Hehs. =P

Sweet Licks,

Above is a simple Chinese Couplet that Rane has helped me to create.
It's read from right to left as
Tian Zeng Sui Yue Ren Zeng Shou,
Chun Man Qian Kun Fu Man Men

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Soil from the Sky

Rane woke up on my Birthday (02 Feb) to find me sleeping soundly.

She decided to give me a tender kiss on my beak snout, as usual,

Only to Realise

THIS !!!

She stared at it for a long long time,
and wondered what this unidentified object was.

It looked somewhat like dried soil, but just where did it come from?

She looked around the room, and there wasn't any traces of soil at all.
She tilted her head and looked up at the ceiling.
(She really did stare hard at the ceiling for a couple of seconds!)
There wasn't any wasp nest.

So she decided to take a closer look.

Warning: Please Do Not Scroll Down if you have just eaten,
or about to eat.


And she saw some traces of vegetable!!!
She decided to smell it!!!

OH No!!!
Oh Shit!!!

(See those dirty green, grass look alike thingy?
It's my undigested vegetable from dinner the night before.)


It must have taken Rane a lot of effort to contain her anger,
since she has just changed the bedsheets and
pillow/bolster cases 2 days ago.

I was so thankful she did not spoil my birthday
by scolding nor spanking me.

To make up for my mistakes, I have decided to suffer
a bit of embarrassment
and confess my 'sins' online.

Sorry Rane!

Rane: I did not reprimand nor punish Sugar for her mistake, as she was already looking very guilty and sorry the moment I stared at her. Moreover, she has never pooed nor peed at places that she shouldn't ever since she was toilet trained, thus I believe it was entirely an 'accident'.

I guess that piece of shit was stuck to her anus (which happens once in a while), along with a strand of hair or string, as she has this thing for licking up dirt/hair on the floor. Thankfully, she is starting to quit that habit of hers, so I am not expecting such accidents to happen again. It is no fun changing bedsheets when you are only half-awake.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday to ME ~!~!~!

Today is my 2nd Birthday. However, I have yet to receive any presents. Only a few birthday wishes, with no official celebration. I was only brought to West Coast Park in the morning for a walk, and I was not even allowed to sit at Mc-Cafe's Al Fresco dining area.

How sad can that be.

To make things worse, there wasn't any pictures taken during that outing, because some lazy bum *stares at Rane*, refused to wake up at 6.30am in the morning. Sighs.

However, to make up for it, Rane has promised to bring me out for an outing next week, or the week after. She says that we will have something awesomelicious for lunch, at a pet cafe. She has yet to decide which one, and has asked me to choose.

Any suggestions anyone?