Monday, May 3, 2010

Leave No One Behind!

This is an extremely heartwarming video I'll like to share.

Even though this video said that the dog who was knocked down lived, another website stated that the victim died. If the latter is true, it must have been a really painful way for the dog to die.

Rane said that even dogs were more humane and compassionate than humans are, given the fact that none of the cars stopped to help and one of the cars even ran over the dog a second time! This is how ugly human beings can be.

Aren't our (dogs) lives worth anything at all? I think no one should be left behind; human or animals alike.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Furmily: Creamie & Crunchie

Rane was walking me (Sugar) around the estate one night when we came across a cage on a large field. When we approached the cage, we saw a pair of skinny rabbits with no food or water source. Rane was secretly hoping that someone had left them there temporarily and would pick them up in due time, thus we continued our walk. Even though it's our cherished walk time, Rane paid little attention to me as she couldn't stop thinking of the two rabbits.

While walking back home, Rane decided to make a detour and check if the rabbits were still there. Much to her expectations, no one came forward to 'claim' the rabbits. Feeling worried for their welfare, she decided to bring them home, much to her parents' dismay (as Rane's parents felt that there were too many animals at home). It was a long walk home asRane had great difficulties handling me with one hand and carrying the cage with another.


Rane had initially named the white rabbit 'Milky' and the brown rabbit 'Honey' but Rane's mother felt that the names sounded too feminine for boys, thus Rane renamed them 'Creamie' and 'Crunchie'. However, Rane's mum always forget that their names were 'Creamie' and 'Crunchie', and decided to call them'Whitish' and 'Brownish' instead.

Worried for their health, Rane brought both the rabbits to the vet and they were deemed to be malnourished and underweight. On top of that, they were infested with mites. The vet estimated Creamie to be 4 to 5 years old, while Crunchie was less than a year old. That was in 2007.


Today, after receiving lots of Tender Loving Care (TLC), the boys blossomed into handsome rabbits; they were no longer the scrawny rabbits with matted fur. They enjoy each other's company, with Creamie being the more dominant rabbit. They share most of their lives together; from the same litter box, to the same food bowl, to the same water bowl and the same living area.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Unwilling Water Dogs

My doctor has been encouraging me to lose weight for umpteen times. In a bid to make me lose fats without putting much pressure on my joints (as I have slight arthritis with weak knees plus slight hip dysplasia), the humans have signed us (Posh and I) up for a membership with dog club just to use their swimming facilities. This is on top of a diet that we are undergoing.

Losing fats with lesser food intake? This doesn't seem to make much sense. Since I am starting to burn fats, aren't I suppose to eat more or at least the same? I tried looking pitiful, I tried begging for more food but they didn't work. Sighs. The humans seem to mean it this time. The doctor has made my life more miserable than ever.

And did I mention, I or rather We (Posh and I) HATE swimming. The cold water gets into our ears, our eyes and our noses. It smelled weird too. The humans kept dragging and throwing us into the water despite strong resistance and protest. They said that since they've paid so much for our membership and entrance fees, we should make full use of it! However, we weren't the ones who requested for swimming sessions in the first place! Just look at the pictures taken during our swim and you'll know how miserable we felt being forced to swim.

The following are photos of Sugar (me)

The following are pictures of Posh

See how pitiful/pathetic we look after our swim? We are all wet and ugly *sobs*

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'll be Here for You

In Life, we may not always see eye to eye. At times, we may even head in different directions.

However, when life doesn't treat you fairly, please remember that my shoulder is always here for you to cry on.

That's what family and friends are for.

Friday, March 19, 2010

We're Back~~~

Hey hey,

We're back!!! On a whole, the past few months have been great for us. We've been eating well and putting on a little weight. *sheepish grins*

However, there were certain hiccups along the way. The doctor officially declared me overweight and suggested putting me on a diet.

On top of that, I sprained one of my toes and was hopping on three paws. My humans were baffled as to how it happened. Two x-rays were taken and it was discovered that I have a slight hip dysplasia. The doctor has since prescribed me glucosamine and strongly recommended swimming in a bid to strengthen my thigh muscles and hopefully, to shed some fats/weight.

The doctor also mentioned that if I maintain or continue to to put on weight, I will have a good chance of developing arthritis in my knee joints and/or worsening condition of my hip displasia.

Did I mention that my humans did not celebrate my birthday this year as they were too busy? Rane promised to make it up for me and I'm still waiting. Sighs.

Oh well, in life there are ups and downs right?

Here's a picture of the impatient us with packets of treats. How are we to loose weight with such great temptations? =P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Same Same But Different

When both Posh and I are brought out together, most people (especially non-dog owners) will have problems telling us apart.

Being the more playful and mischievous dog among us, Posh tend to get scolded more often than I do. Initially, when Posh first came to live with us, Rane and her family often chided me when Posh misbehaved, simply because they mistook me for Posh! It doesn't help that Posh often reacted to the name "Sugar" too! I was often made the scape-goat scape-dog!

(Rane: Posh always assume that Sugar has better privileges than she does, thus when we call for Sugar, Posh will react and come to us even though she knows her name is Posh.)

Luckily, Rane and her family took a pretty short period of time to recognise us and before long, they could easily differentiate Posh and I.


Here are a few ways to tell who is Posh and who is Sugar.

Left: Posh Right: Sugar

Left: Posh Right: Sugar

In both pictures above, Posh is featured on the left side of this picture, while I am featured on the right. The most distinctive feature that tells us apart is our size; Posh has slighter shorter legs and a smaller bone frame, while I have longer legs and a larger bone frame.

If you notice, Posh has a large white patch on her scruff, while I have what my owners call "a skunk stripe". They often poke-fun at me, saying I not only look like a skunk with that stripe, I smell like a skunk too !!! How hurting can that be!

While both Posh and I have floppy ears, Posh's ears are significantly bigger than mine.


While I have a skunkie stripe, Posh has an "exclamation mark" on the right side of her body, near her spine. That reminds me of Bolt.

Left: Posh Right: Sugar

Left: Sugar Right: Posh

Both Posh and I are tri-coloured, however Posh's shade of brown is darker while mine's lighter.


In terms of personality, we are a world apart. Posh is always up to mischief and is forever on the hunt for food (on the sly of course). She won't even spare the green beans that Rane has sprouted for the hamster, not to mention the capsicum that Rane has deliberately purchased for the rabbits!



Unlike Posh, I rarely steal food. I will usually wait for someone to feed me treats. As the humans claim that too much treats are unhealthy for us, they do not feed us treats all the time. Thus Posh will get really impatient at times and decide to bite the cover off the treat box by herself.


Despite our differences, Posh and I share certain similarities.



Both Posh and I really fancy eating treats. We will do any tricks just for it (as long as we know how to).



As hounds, we love sniffing anything and everything; from the ground to the air, from the pole to the fire hydrant. You name it, we smell it!

Left: Posh Right: Sugar
Both of us really hate posing for pictures. We can't understand why the humans must force us to look at the camera lens. The camera lens neither smell nor taste good!

Left: Sugar Right: Posh
Both of us really really love eating ice-cream. The non-lactose ones of course! We adore it especially on hot sunny days.

That's all for today! I'll tell you more on how to tell us apart in time to come. Stay Tune!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle
(on behalf of Posh and herself)

Monday, August 31, 2009


These are some of the "animal books" that Rane found while sorting out her stuff.

After spending so much money and time on books, I don't seem to feel better taken care of.

These humans should just spend the excess money and time on us!

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle