Sunday, April 4, 2010

Unwilling Water Dogs

My doctor has been encouraging me to lose weight for umpteen times. In a bid to make me lose fats without putting much pressure on my joints (as I have slight arthritis with weak knees plus slight hip dysplasia), the humans have signed us (Posh and I) up for a membership with dog club just to use their swimming facilities. This is on top of a diet that we are undergoing.

Losing fats with lesser food intake? This doesn't seem to make much sense. Since I am starting to burn fats, aren't I suppose to eat more or at least the same? I tried looking pitiful, I tried begging for more food but they didn't work. Sighs. The humans seem to mean it this time. The doctor has made my life more miserable than ever.

And did I mention, I or rather We (Posh and I) HATE swimming. The cold water gets into our ears, our eyes and our noses. It smelled weird too. The humans kept dragging and throwing us into the water despite strong resistance and protest. They said that since they've paid so much for our membership and entrance fees, we should make full use of it! However, we weren't the ones who requested for swimming sessions in the first place! Just look at the pictures taken during our swim and you'll know how miserable we felt being forced to swim.

The following are photos of Sugar (me)

The following are pictures of Posh

See how pitiful/pathetic we look after our swim? We are all wet and ugly *sobs*

Sweet Licks,
Sugar the Beagle

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bagel said...

hi would u like to meet up? if u r free that is?? Bagel joins the swimming club and goes to swim regularly too. let me know when u r going if u r interested. took me 6 mth to get her to love swimming, now she can't wait to enter :) n haha ur pictures speaks a thousand words. Bagel was just like that when she first started :p haha thanks for putting a smile on me n my family's face :)