Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Posh, the New Dog

Posh the Beagle

The New Dog

Couple of days ago, Rane told me I am going to have a new furmily member. I didn't really think much of it, as Rane often brings home unwanted rabbits and hamsters. However, I got a rude shock yesterday when I saw my new sibling; it's furry and four-legged, but it's neither a hamster nor a rabbit. It's a DOG!!!

After much difficulties and troubles, Rane finally brought the new dog home. Not only was there a miscommunication in timing, and difficulty in searching for an ideal crate, Rane also injured her middle finger while closing the car door (resulting in blood clots), and sprained her ankle while opening the car door. How clumsy can she be! All for the sake of the new dumb dog. *Frowns*

Posh is her name
Like me, the new dog is a tri-coloured female beagle too. She was named Posh by her previous owner. Rane doesn't intend to rename her as she felt that Posh may be confused and may have troubles trying to identify herself.

No one knows exactly when Posh's birthday is but estimates that she's approximately two years of age. Rane is considering choosing a date to fix as Posh's birthday, so that Posh will not be deprived of presents and birthday celebrations.

A Little More about Posh
Rane was initially reluctant to take in another Beagle, since our furmily is rather huge, and is taking up every single big of our tiny house. However, she feels that both Rane, herself and I contributed a little to the existence of Posh.

This was what happened.

2 years ago, when Rane's relative came visiting, I was being put up at Rane's house temporarily as Mage (whom I was supposed to stay with) was away. Impressed at how discipline I was, and the range of tricks that I could perform at a tender age (I was then 5 months old), Rane's relative went straight for a beagle hunt the following week at pet farms, which proved to be a bad decision.

Not only was Posh extremely underage when she was sold (even though the breeder claimed that Posh was 2 months old, our suspicions that Posh was much younger were confirmed when the vet verified so), she wasn't in the most ideal state either.

Posh's Previous Home
Posh's family didn't take too well to her as they were either afraid of her or had little time for her. As a result, she wasn't housebroken, and wasn't paper trained. Her running space cum crate/home cum 'toilet' was an (approximately) 3 feet x 3 feet fenced area in the balcony.

Heading to her New Home
A few days before, Posh's owners told her that she would be given away, and that she has to behave herself. Since that day, Posh hardly ate her dinner, even till last night. She probably understands what her owners meant, and was feeling pretty down about it.

Posh's New Home
Ever since Posh stepped foot paw into our house, I've been feeling uneasy, and somewhat threatened. Even though Posh took the first step to make friends with me, and made the effort to play with me, I just didn't like her in my house.

It's not just me, even Guni the angora bunny has been unhappy with her presence too. Whenever Posh went poking her nose into Guni's cage and attempted to sniff her, Guni would thump her feet hard in anger and glare fiercely at Posh.

Tehxi, the other bunny also looks at Posh warily each time Posh passes by her cage. Other times, Tehxi will be on all four as if she's ready to charge at Posh .

Posh is behaving everything like a country bumpkin; she's curious about all the things around h er. Even the terrapin crawling around her tub, and vegetables that are fresh from the fridge amuses her!

Thus I have decided that the problem lies with Posh, and not us.

Rane's Words

The Very Sore Sugar
Before bringing Posh home yesterday, we allowed both Posh and Sugar to meet at a neutral ground. However, Sugar was clearly unhappy that Mage was handling Posh instead of her, and whined sadly.

Things became worse when we brought Posh home. Sugar has been really upset about it; she probably feels that Posh is intruding her space cum privacy, and snatching the love and attention of her loved ones.

From the very moment we brought Posh home, Sugar hardly wags her tail nor she smile. (It's hard to describe how dogs exactly smile, but I believe dog owners can easily identify when their dogs are smiling or frowning, though to amateurs, it may seem as though they are displaying the same expression.) This was very unlike her.

She no longer shows interest in her toys, and she doesn't trot around the house happily as she used too. The worse thing is she doesn't even beg! Not that we like her to beg, but she's displaying a behaviour that is very unlike her. All she does all day long is to sit near us, and watch Posh's every move in a resigned manner.

Anyone has any idea as to how to improve their relationship and cheer that poor little Sugar up?

Any suggestion of any kind is welcomed.


Updates of Boy Boy and Ah Pui

On hindsight, both Boy Boy and Ah Pui are already adopted by the same person, but it's not the someone that we had mentioned previously. Thus this will probably be the last update we have on the both of them, as we personally do not know their new owners.

Sorry about the over-sized pictures, but we are having problems trying to edit them.

A video of Ah Pui climbing up the bed.

At the new owner's house.

The two of them.

Boy Boy.

Ah Pui.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Price of Loving Animals I

Last night, I heard Rane lamenting "I feel like fainting, just looking at my to-do list for the little furries." Thus, I've decided to take a peek at her organiser and this was what I saw.

Clean, wash and sterilise the bunnies' cage and clear the shit. (x4 Bunnies)
Cut bunnies' nails. (X4 x3)
Book an appointment with the groomer for the bunny (Guni).
Send the bunny (Guni) for grooming.
Comb the bunnie's to get rid of matted fur. (x4)
Check the bunnies' teeth to ensure they are not overgrown. (x4)

Clean, wash and sterilise the hamster cage.
Play with the hamster more often to familiarise ourselves with each other.

Bring the terrapin (Edge) for sunbath.

Research on quality cat food.
Stock up on cat food.

Shop for a new crate for the (new) dog
Bring the (new) dog back home.
Train the (new) dog to ensure she understands commands.
(Problem when you are getting an adult dog who's not trained at all.)
Ensure the (new) dog is housebroken.
Socialise the (new) dog.
Arrange for the (new) dog to be sterilised.
Register the (new) dog with the authorities.
Ensure the 2 dogs get along. *faints*
Book an appointment with the vet to vaccinate both dogs.
Bring both dogs for vaccination.
Clean the dogs' ears to rid them of infection.
Bathe both dogs.
Place an order for a water dome.

Poor Rane. She's almost always occupied with our matters, and/or thinking of us that she hardly has time for herself. Even when her friends ask her out at times, she's gotta place us in first priority, especially if any one of us is sick and needs medication. It'll be worse if any of us (animals) require her constant attention, like Winter who's incapable of feeding himself, requires medication daily, and soils his bottom often.

Such is the life of an animal lover, I guess. It comes at a price.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I have been tagged by my fellow beagle friend, Kess to do some Japanese homework.

Instructions are as follow:

Add your name on the list and simply spell out your name using the given Japanese letter- translations below. Tag six of your friends and inform them of the tag. Have fun.


A - ka G - ji M - rin S - ari Y - fu
B - tu H - ri N - to T - chi Z - zi

C - mi I - ki O - mo U - do

D - te J - zu P - no V - ru

E - ku K - me Q - ke W - mei

F - lu L - ta R - shi X - na

With that, I have a new Japanese name.

S - Ari
U - do
G - ji
A - ka
R - ta

Thus, it's Aridojikata. I think it sounds pretty cool, however Rane thinks it's a little too long, especially when she wants to scold me. *Mimicks Rane* "Aridojikata, Come Here!!!"

Maybe she can consider calling me Arido for short.

I've decided to tag the following friends for their Japanese names:

4 legged friends
Furby and Twisty

2 legged friends



What a sleepy weekend. zZzZz


Updates of Ah Pui and Boy Boy

The above is a picture of of Ah Pui (the fatter & bigger pup)
and Boy Boy (the thinner and smaller pup).

On hindsight, Ah Pui has been adopted. Thanks to Rane for her great persuasion skills and sheer determination to convince somebody. In two weeks time, Ah Pui will have a new owner and a forever home. Rest assured that he will be safe and sound, and that his owner will treat him real well. I promise. Rane will like to thank that somebody very much. =)

If that somebody is comfortable with it, I shall continue to update and blog about Ah Pui's condition, and maybe even reveal who Ah Pui's new owner is.

However, Boy Boy is still a nobody's dog. He's seeking a good owner who can shower him tender loving care. Apart from that, Boy Boy's current fosterer is facing financial difficulties as his medical bills are chalking up, even though there are individuals who made donations. Things will further worsen if Boy Boy needs a surgery when he reaches 6 months old.

Any kind souls who will like to consider adopting Boy Boy, or make a donation to his fosterer can email me for more details.

The following is a video of Boy Boy and his fosterer's dog, Baby the Golden Retriever, and Mixy, the Labrador X Border Collie.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mission: Save Boy Boy

Dear All,

Rane's friend is fostering 2 puppies, 1 of which is seriously ill and require surgeries and medications.

The following is an excerpt from Rane's friend posting on a local forum:

"2 weeks ago my friend saved 2 puppies from drowning, they had lost their mummy.. I am now taking care of them.. But unfortunately 1 of the puppy is very sick now.. I am not working so i cant afford to pay his medical bill, but i have discussed with my friend, i am very upset that i think she is not going to let this poor puppy to receive any medical treatment because the vet told me the puppy is very weak, he may die, so i feel that she doesn't want to "waste" the $ treating him.."

Click here to read more about Boy Boy's story.

Boy Boy being hospitalised.

Boy Boy with IV tubes twirling around him.

Just looking at the different between their sizes,
it's easy to see how weak Boy Boy is in comparison
to his sibling ( Ah Pui) from the same litter.

Current Status

Ah Pui
Age: Approximately 1 month plus
Gender: Boy
Breed: Singapore Dog aka Mongrel
Health: Good
Status: Up for Adoption

Boy Boy
Age: Approximately 1 month plus
Gender: Boy
Breed: Singapore Dog aka Mongrel
Health: Will be nursed to health before being put up for adoption
Status: In the midst of raising funds for treatment.

The following is a video of Boy Boy seeking treatment, whereby the doctor does a blood transfusion for him.

Visit Boy Boy at his blog.

Taken an interest in Ah Pui or Boy Boy?

Should you be keen to adopt Ah Pui or Boy Boy (after he has recovered), do send a private message to thread starter on the forum or post a comment on Boy Boy's blog. Alternatively, you can send me an email, and I'll convey the message to Ah Pui's and Boy Boy's fosterer.

Just a note of caution:
Please do not adopt a dog on the spur of moment; do consider your commitment level and capabilities to support a dog before adopting/purchasing one. A dog is for life.

For whatever conditions it may be, please do not resell Boy Boy and Ah Puis for commercial purposes.

Lastly, may Boy Boy gain a speedy recovery. I will be cheering him on.

Goodbye, Feather Friends

Yesterday, Winter and a baby bird rescued by Rane's father, has passed away.

All of us are very upset about it, especially Rane. She has yet to recover from it; her mood swings are really bad. She can be happy one moment, and crying at the very next instant when she's reminded of them, Winter especially.

Neither of us are in the mood to blog in detail now. Give us a little time to get over it, and we'll update you shortly.

Goodbye Winter.

Rest in Peace Baby Bird.

We'll see you when we cross the rainbow bridge.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Furmily Month

Rane has decided to declare the month of May as Furmily (Family) month. Starting from now till June, I will try to introduce the rest of my furmily, or rather the pets/animals that Rane has reared, been rearing, and still rearing.

On top of that, I will also try to blog about animals that we have fed and rescued/saved.

Do give me a little time to sort out their pictures and information before blogging.

Watch out this space ya~

Sweet Licks,