Friday, January 23, 2009

The Mystery

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for the late post; I started typing this post on 17th Jan, but only managed to complete it today. I am such a slow blogger. Sighs.

Anyway, I know many of you are concern abou't Sugar and Posh's condition and is anxious to know how they are. In general, Posh seems to recover pretty well while Sugar's diarrhoea seems to be getting worse.

I just realised that I did not mention Sugar's condition in the previous posts.

On Sunday, when we discharged Posh from the clinic for a night, we brought Sugar to see the doctor too. The doctor diagnosed that Sugar was most probably suffering from gastritis, and we were instructed to monitor her condition, just in case it deteriorates and that could possibly mean that there are other reasons being her throwing up.

We brought her home and fed her with medicine. All else looks fine until .................... she started having diarrhoea on It's been a 'on off' thing and we're monitoring her condition while feeding her with charcoal. Recently, Sugar's been releasing quite a lot of gas too (farting). I hope that is an indication of recovery.

However, I decided to bring her to the doctor yesterday after she diarrhoeaed continuously thrice. The doctor poked Sugar's anus with a thermometer and took it out with traces of her feaces. Sugar's temperature was within normal range and after checking the feaces under the microscope, the doctor found the presence of a bacteria (I can't remember the name of the bacteria).

The bacteria is present in contamined water or soil and Sugar probably picked it up when she licked off the ground (without our notice) or from the sea water when we brought her out for swimming.

I started feeding her medication last night but she still continued to diarrhoea more frequently today. We're (still) monitoring her condition and hopefully it improves in due time.

Back to Posh.

For days, we've been guessing what could Posh have possibly consumed that upset digestive system so much. We had guessed squeaker toys as she had puked some rubber like items while she was hospitalised. After the ultrasound scan report mentioned that cloth or tissue like material was detected, we guessed soft toys as Posh is very fond of gnawing soft toys, even after the thread breaks. At times, she'll chew on the fibre and will only stop if we caught notice of it.

Make a guess what Posh swallowed?

The packet of stomach content stank so much that we could smell it through 3 plastic bags and 1 container.

Least did we expect Posh to swallow ............................



My family and I do not have the slightest idea where did Posh get the yarn from, because nobody in the family knits. Even though we have a few balls of yarn, they are well kept in a container beyond the reach of dogs.

The one and only ball of yarn that was not kept in the container, was thrown into the bin by my mum last year. Since Posh has this bad habit of raiding the bin, we highly suspect that she stole it from the bin and slurp it down, imagining she was eating spaghetti.

The original colour of the wool was not brown. The colour was 'dyed' by Posh's GI tract.

We were told by the veterinarian that the ball of yarn was lodged at the back of her tongue (towards the opening of Posh's throat), all the way through her oesophagus, duodenum, illeum and colon. The tension of the wool pulling was so strong that Posh's intestine were held together, like an accordian. In order to remove the wool, the doctor had to made 4 separte incisions on 4 different areas of Posh's small intestine. Posh's vet also commented that if surgery was delayed, gangrene would have occured in Posh's digestive tract. Phew! How lucky Posh was admidst the unluckiness.

It looks more like a pile of poo. It smells like one too.

Another picture of the yarn stuck in Posh's GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). From the colour difference of the yarn, one can likely guess which part of the yarn was stuck at which part of the GI tract. The bottom part of the yarn where it looks like feaces is in the midst of being form, is probably taken out from the colon. And that probably explains why it stinks!

Posh was shaved further for the surgery.

The first two days after her surgery, Posh was pretty listless. By the third day, when Posh started to feel better, she jumped around excitedly appoint seeing us. We were so worried that her stitches would 'burst'!

Posh was discharged 4 days after her surgery, after the staff at the clinic ensured that Posh could drink and eat without vomiting.

The very long incision.

Posh was made to wear the elizabethan collar, until her surgery wound recovers fully. Just in case she decides to chew on her wound when it itches. The last thing we would want is to have her internal organs spilling all over the ground. Gross!

Posh was also instructed to have cage rest, so that she doesn't overly exert herself. Being a typical beagle, she started to whine/bark/howl after some time. The little bout of energy simply refuses to be caged up!

Posh's first review is due today in the evening. I will update on her progress in due time.

When will she ever learn?

(Owner of Sugar & Posh)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Foreign Object

Dear All,

I am very sorry for the delayed updates as I fell quite ill myself and I was too sick to blog, amidst all the time spent rushing between vets and checking constantly on the dogs.

Firstly, I will like to thank River for blogging on for us and for helping us to post it on DWB News. With that, many kind visitors dropped by Sugar's blog to give us words of encouragement.

Thank you all, for those words were (and still are) really heartening and brought much warmth to our hearts (my family and I). To many, these are mere plain words, but to us these are words that help us through trying times like this.

Without further a do, I'll continue to blog on Posh's condition.

Monday, 12th January 2009

We sent Posh to a hospital for an x-ray and ultrasound scan yesterday. The x-ray failed to detect any irregularities in the digestive system but that doesn't mean that Posh's gastrointestinal tract is 'free' of foreign object, reason being x-rays are mainly used to detect objects with metal contents, such as paper clips, knives and bones.

Thus, the doctor suggested that we do an ultra-sound scan and if it fails to detect any abnormalities, a barium study/swallow will be carried out.

Posh feeling nausea and about to puke.

We are thankful that through the ultra-sound scan, the doctor was able to detect a cloth or tissue paper like object stuck between the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine. With this information, Posh need not go through the pain of swallowing the liquid (a contrast medium needed for the barium study), especially since she has been vomiting non-stop since we brought her home the night before. This also means that we'll be able to save a whooping $400++.

With that information, we were able to proceed to Posh's regular doctor and discuss our options.

Her belly was shave down for the ultra sound scan.

While we carried her to the car, Posh vomited once. We were so afraid that she'll start vomiting on passing pedastrians. On the way back to the clinic (where Posh's regular vet works at), Posh vomited another three times or so. Each time she vomits, the puke seems to stink more than the previous one. It stank so much that it smelt like poo. That was why Mage was so disgusted when Posh vomited on him.

After we sent Posh back to her regular vet, the doctor told us that judging from the ultra-sound scan's report, Posh will have to undergo surgery and that surgery may be a complicated one and will most probably require more time. Therefore, the surgery was scheduled at night, after consultation hours are over at 10pm (and that is if all consults are completed by then.)

Before I left the clinic, I told the doctor in charge of Posh's surgery to inform me once the surgery is completed, regardless of how late it may be.

Tuesday, 13th January 2009

I kept checking my handphone and made sure that my phone was on and it wasn't switch to silent mode. I was worried about Posh's surgery.

I was woken up by the vet's phone call. I had dozed off while waiting for the phone call.

Posh's surgery was a success! Hooray!

The foreign object which was stuck in Posh's GI tract was also retrieved!

Though I was worried about Posh's condition, I did not visit her after her surgery, as the veterinary clinic is closed every Tuesday.

I'll update on what the foreign object is in my next post.

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(Human of Sugar and Posh)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sick Dogs

For the whole of Friday, Saturday and in the wee hours of Sunday, my entire family has been worried about Posh's condition. It doesn't help when Posh still continues to suffer from chronic vomiting, despite being hospitalised and medicated.

Sugar on the weighing scale.

She has successfully shed off another 1.1kg.
Another 2.7kg to go before she hits the ideal weight

For the past 72 hours, we've been told loads of reasons and possibilities that may contribute to her condition. We have to remain sane so as to make decisions with the minimal knowledge we have of veterinary medicine.

Every single decision is crucial; it's a matter of life and death. We can't afford to make any harsh or rush decision that leads to any mistakes or sufferings, will be bore by Posh. Posh's life is in our hands.

It doesn't help when Sugar falls ill during this trying period of time. She started vomiting on Sunday afternoon and didn't stop until the 6th time. By then, I was worried sick that I sent her in to the veterinarian.

Sugar waiting at the vet.

The veterinary clinic was packed like it always was on a typical Sunday. I arrived at 3.30pm and I saw the veterinarian only 3 hours later. I was supposed to leave the clinic at 5pm for an important class that starts at 6pm, but I decided that my furries' life are more important than my lessons.

Sugar stretch her neck long at the sight of ...

This Jrt

Moreover, I simply don't feel at ease without being present at the time of consultation, even though my boyfriend, Mage was around to help out. I guess that was mainly because I wanted to discuss with the doctor regarding Posh; the procedures to be carried out, the treatment plan and the risks involved.

I really do not want to make a decision that will make me feel guilty for the rest of my life.
Moreover, I needed to be assured in person that Sugar is doing fine in general, which she is. I do not want to go through the same emotional roller coaster with Sugar, the same way I did with Posh. And I'm thankful that the suspected cause of her vomiting is Gastritis. The best thing was, Sugar never puked the 7th time.

While at the clinic, we accompanied Posh for a short moment while waiting for Sugar's turn to see the doctor. The sight of her looking so weak and listless while lying in the cage helplessly, makes my heart break. I'll never forget the expression which she cast on me; it's an expression that no words can fully describe. Miserable was the word I thought of.

Posh looking Miserable

I used to be mad at how greedy Posh was; from the way she tags us when we walk around preparing food (for both human and animals) to the way she stares pitifully and paw us for food while we're having our meals. Now, I really miss the 'little beggar'. I'd rather have a healthy greedy dog, than a sickly dog who pukes at every single thing that goes down her throat, be it food or water.

We lay the car seats with pee pads and floor boards with cardboards, just in case Posh vomits.

After Sugar's consultation, we discharged Posh for the night, just so that we can bring her in early to the hospital early Monday morning for x-rays to be done. I was taught briefly on what to watch out for while Posh was on the IV drip at home. I was also taught how to handle it if the liquid stops dripping, and how to increase or decrease the speed of IV drip, just in case any of the above mentioned happens after we return home.

Having to bring Posh home with an IV drip on, was a sorry sight. It caught the attention of many other pet owners and strangers while we walked out of the clinic, towards the car. Some were frowning while many were whispering, probably 'discussing' about what happened to Posh and how serious a state she was in.

As expected, Posh vomited during the car ride.

Soon after we reached home, Posh started to poo twice with some blood. The same 'foreign object' that she vomited out earlier the day at the clinic, was also spotted in the poo. I really wondered what was the foreign object that she had ingested.

Just a few hours ago, Posh vomited another two times. She threw up so many times over the past few days, I've lost count of the total number of times she has puked. Shortly after, she started shivering. She shivered so hard that her body trembled from head to toe. Her breathing deepened as well.

After calling up the veterinarian, we decided to give her a little time for the 'shivering' to go off. Meanwhile, we covered her with a towel and kept checking that she was alright. We were to send her straight to the emergency clinic, only if her condition worsens. Otherwise, we do not want to stress her unnecessarily with the car ride to the emergency clinic, especially when Posh gets car sick easily.

Posh with her IV drip in the car.

Even though it's 3.30am Singapore time right now, I still try my best to stay awake, just so that I can check on Posh every now and then. Luckily, her condition seems to 'stabilised'. She no longer shivers. Each time she closes her eyes to sleep, I quickly jump in to check that she's still alive and breathing. I think I'm getting a little overly anxious but I just wanted to be sure.

I guess I should also go get some sleep, so that I can remain clear minded. I can't afford to get myself worn out so fast, so easily. This is going to be a long battle. I've got to get myself on the recovery road too, as I'm down with a bad bout of flu, along with nose and throat infection.

This certainly isn't the best way to start the year. Therefore, we should all aim to be in the pink of health for the coming months and months. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us. I'll update you guys on the results of the x-rays and the diagnosis when they are out.

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(human of Sugar and Posh)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Posh Dearest has been hospitalised since Friday evening and she has been on IV drip since. This was what happened.

Friday 9th January 2009


I received a phone call from my mum informing me that Posh has vomited four times since noon.


My father called me on my mobile and asked me to return home asap to take a look at Posh as she has vomited yet another time.


In between this period of time, Posh puked yet another two times. Posh looked really lethargic and started lying on her side in her pee tray. She neither lifted her head when my father entered the door nor did she walk towards my parents to beg for food when they were eating. She didn't even respond when they called her name. This was very unlike her and my parents were scared stiff. My father asked if I could bring her to the vet, but the clinic was closed for the afternoon for surgeries.

Posh lay on her pee tray and refused to come out of it even after coaxing her. I guess she was either too weak or she was afraid she will not make it back to the pee tray in time to puke.


I dropped by the supermarket to buy a bottle of Heinz Baby Food's Apple Juice to increase her glucose level and to hydrate her. She refused to drink water that my mum gave her.


Posh puked that very little bit of Apple Juice I fed her (approximately 3 tablespoonful). In fact, she puked 3 times.


Looking at how weak and tired she was, I carried her to the small little mattress that she usually lie on. There, I realised that a small part of the mattress was stained with puke. Sighs.

Posh lying on her small mattress after we changed the cover.


Once again, I fed her with Apple Juice but she vomited it out on two separate occasions, just 15 minutes after consuming it.

I've counting down for 6.45pm since 3 o'clock. Time always seem to pass much slower when you're anxious and/or worried.

We finally reached the vet clinic after Posh vomited twice in the car.
She has vomited a total of 15 times before seeing the doctor, and she vomited another 2 -3 times after she got admitted to hospital.

Sorry for the blurred picture. Posh was a little unsettled in the consultation room.

Posh's details @ her 'ward'.

Being the typical beagle, Posh couldn't stop sniffing an 'un-sniffed' area.

Posh, wondering why she was caged up in an unfamiliar place.

Posh with IV drip.

Posh was wearing the e collar as she looked like she will potentially remove the IV drip by herself.

Posh was smart to puke by the corners and sides, just so that the middle of the cage where she lies in, remains clean.

Posh was still vomiting when I visited her on yesterday (10 January 2009). Though the frequency of her vomiting has reduced significantly, but it was still a cause for worry.

I spoke to the vet and she mentioned that there could be few possibilities behind her vomit, which I'll blog about it in my next post.

It really pains me to see her suffering so much; from a greedy and restless dog, she became a listless dog who hasn't stop vomiting since 2 days ago. I really hope that it's nothing serious.

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